Christmas time is arguably everyone’s favorite time of year. And it’s never too early to start planning, especially when it comes to the tree you pick out. 

Here at Nearly Natural, we have a huge variety of Christmas trees to fit everyone’s taste and home décor. Whether you want a plain green tree, a tree covered in fake snow or even a red tree for some extra flare, we’ve got you covered. Not to mention, a lot of our trees come pre-lit.

Let’s explore everything you need to know about picking out the perfect Christmas tree and look at our top sellers so that you can be ahead of the game this holiday season. 

The Best Time to Buy Fake Christmas Trees

Want to get ahead of the game and get excited for Christmas?

Christmas trees can sell out fast so the best time to buy your tree is actually now. Since they’re easy to store, you can purchase your tree now and store it until the Christmas season.

The period leading up to Christmas is such a busy time and it can get rather stressful picking out a tree in the midst of it. If you're like us - avoiding stress like the plague - try picking out your tree 2 - 3 months in advance, it will save you time & headache(s) (speaking from experience). 

Why Artificial Trees are Better Than Real Trees

There are many reasons why people opt for fake trees over real trees. Here are a few reasons why artificial Christmas trees are a great option: 

  • They don’t shed needles and make a mess
  • They’re great for people who have pets who would otherwise get into a real tree and make a mess
  • They’re hypo-allergenic 
  • You can reuse them every year making artificial trees more economical
  • The branches are bendable so that they can fit in any space
  • You don’t have to worry about watering them
  • Many of them come pre-lit so you don’t have to worry about tangled strings of Christmas lights

The Top Ten Artificial Christmas Trees

Our customers love our Christmas trees (shameless plug? indeed so :) but it's true, they do LOVE our trees, check out our testimonials page to see why), we want to share our top ten trees so that you can see our most popular options.

Sometimes, you just need a cute little lighted Christmas tree. And that's exactly what we have here.  

2.5’ Christmas Tree With Gold Planter and Clear Lights

This tree is great for any table or desk top since it’s small. The clear lights add a beautiful touch and they all stay lit even if one bulb burns out unlike strands of Christmas lights. And as an added bonus, this tree comes in a pretty gold planter.

Definitely the "king" (or queen) of artificial Christmas Trees, this Royal Grand Christmas Tree will make your holiday dreams come true.

7.5’ Royal Grand Christmas Tree With Clear Lights

Definitely the king of Christmas trees, this is a great option if you have space for a big tree. It comes complete with 800 clear lights and will instantly transform your home into a winter wonderland. 

 With a stout trunk, full pine branches, faux pinecones, and lush (imitation) berries, this tree will fill your heart Christmas spirit!

36” Berry and Pinecone Tree

This tree is a unique option with many berries and pinecones on it. It’s not very big so it fits in a small space and adds a lot of Christmas spirit. 

 With a set of three included, you could arrange these mini cypress and pine artificial trees near your fireplace with white lights wrapped around them for a holiday feel.

15” Mini Cyprus and Pine Artificial Tree Set of Three

Want to disperse touches of Christmas all over your home? These trees are small and look great on tabletops and desk tops. They are very lush and come complete with attractive burlap sacks.

 With a stout (faux) trunk and two blooms of lush, green cedar foliage, this would be an ideal decoration on its own.

40” Cedar Double Ball Topiary With Lights

Want something truly original for your Christmas décor? This topiary comes with two lush balls and a stout trunk. It comes pre-lit with beautiful white lights and is complete with a nice black planter.

 this tree has 133 faux pine tips with 100 clear lights (and if one goes out, the rest stay on!)

3’ Christmas Tree With Pinecones and Clear Lights

This is a great option for someone who has limited space. It comes pre-lit with 100 bulbs and if one goes out the rest stay lit unlike regular strands of lights. The pinecones add a nice touch making this a perfect tree for the holiday season. 

 Ring in the holiday season with this handsome Christmas Tree. And this isn't any ordinary tree - it comes complete with berries, pine cones, and 100 white LED lights

4’ Christmas Tree With Berries, Pinecones, LED Lights and Decorative Urn

This stunning tree is covered in berries and pinecones and doesn’t require decorations because it is beautiful as is. It comes pre-lit so just plug it in and enjoy the spirit of Christmas. This tree is complete with a beautiful gold urn and is sure to impress your house guests. 

 This handsome tree is tall (seven and a half feet), but definitely on the slimmer side (only 40" wide), making it perfect for tighter spaces, without sacrificing looks.

7.5’ Cashmere Slim Christmas Tree With Clear Lights

This tree is tall but slim so it fits in tight spaces. It has 864 tips and 400 clear lights. Standing tall and proud, this tree will adorn your home for many Christmases to come. 

 A remarkable artificial mini cedar pine tree that effortlessly captures the spirit of the forest with its rich green color and lifelike delicate leaves.

25” Mini Cedar Pine Artificial Tree in Red Planter

Many people opt for pine trees but if you want something a little different then consider a cedar tree. It’s just as beautiful as a pine tree but it adds a unique flair to the space you put it in. It comes in a red decorative planter adding to the beauty of this tree.

 Place them on your mantle or a sofa table as part of a larger arrangement. Non-denominational so they'll fit in with any tradition.

Frosted Pinecone Tree

Looking for something non-denominational? This tree is made entirely out of white frosted pinecones and looks like the pinecones are covered in snow. It’s a smaller option and fits on any tabletop and desktop. This unique tree will stun all of your houseguest and last for years to come.

Assembling and Maintaining Your Artificial Christmas Tree

Our artificial trees are so easy to maintain especially when compared to a real tree. Simply dust it off with a rag or a feather duster once a month and when you pull it out of storage every year. How easy is that?

When it comes to assembling, our trees are really easy to set up. You simply connect the branches to the center trunk of the tree and bend the branches however you want and so that they fit in the space you set up your tree in. 

Why Choose Nearly Natural

Nearly Natural was founded by a horticulturalist who, needless to say, knew plants, trees and flowers really well. He also had an immaculate attention to detail and created products that looked exactly like the real thing. His values have transcended time and show in all of the products that we create.

We believe in our products so much that we offer free shipping and hassle-free returns so that you can find the perfect Christmas tree for your space.

Final Thoughts

The perfect time to buy your Christmas tree is now before they sell out and so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of buying a tree during the Christmas season. A

There are many reasons why artificial Christmas trees are better than real trees, especially because they’re easy to store and you can use them year after year. With artificial trees, you can place them outdoors too! Check out our blog post on the best ways you can decorate your outdoors for this year's Christmas.

Nearly Natural has a great variety of trees to choose from so you’ll have an easy time finding the right tree for your home.

Here at Nearly Natural we pride ourselves in creating artificial trees that look completely realistic, so you’ll fool all of your house-guests into thinking that you have the skills to maintain a real tree.

So, check out the trees we listed and have fun shopping on our website for the perfect tree for your home!