Flowers have such a dramatic impact on happiness that studies show those that receive flowers often report feeling a sense of satisfaction which is why we love it when people incorporate our faux beauties in their everyday environments.  While silk flowers won’t have the same effect as living replicas, they do help people smile and feel happier for longer periods of times - especially with the notion that they will live faux-ever. However, in order for your silk flowers arrangements to look ‘freshly bloomed’ you will be required to periodically clean and care for them; just like with everything else that lives in our homes and/or office,  it will eventually start to collect dust and will unseemly lose its luster as time goes by. Because each of our artificial flower arrangements are made from fine, quality materials and come with a cost, we want to make sure you're able to maintain the beauty of your bouquet without breaking the bank. With little to no time and a few tools, a few tips on how to clean silk flowers the nearly natural way so you can relieve your favorite flower arrangements from any dust or dirt that might have settled on them and keep them beautifully in-bloom all year round.  


In order to thoroughly clean and rid your silk flower arrangement from any dirt and dust, we recommend using the following cleaning products:  

 Tools to Clean Silk Flowers

A toothbrush, or make-up brush 
A microfiber cleaning cloth and/or spare cleaning towelettes 
A hair dryer 
A paper bag 
Uncooked rice or loose granulated salt 


1. We recommend you bring your silk flower arrangement outside before starting so that you don’t spread dust indoors. 

2. With care, take your small cleaning brush and wipe each silk flower petal, gently collecting any dust that has settled.  For smaller to reach spots like the inside of the flower or where leaves bend from off the stem, take a Q-tip and remove any excess debris.

3. Once you have gone over each of the silk flowers, gently wipe down the stems and any accompanying foliage with a spare microfiber cloth or towel to help give back its natural sheen.   

4. After you’ve carefully cleaned the entire arrangement with your brush, take a hairdryer on its lowest (heat) setting and air dry throughout, releasing any excess or trapped dust.

Clean Silk Flowers with Hair Dryer


If you have loose stemmed flowers, here’s a bonus trick that a customer once shared with us:  

With an empty paper bag, place two cups of white uncooked rice or granulated salt.  Turn loose stems upside down and place them inside the paper bag. Carefully close the bags by the stems with either an elastic hair band or simply by holding.  Give the stems and flowers inside a good shake so that the rice can run over it and easily dust the flowers off.   

Clean Silk Flowers with Salt in Bag 


If you're too busy, simply opt for a bottle of Compressed Air - but tread lightly! As you easily purchase a bottle off Amazon, you want to exercise care as putting excessive air too forcibly on silk flowers can cause damage. 

Clean Silk Flowers with Compressed Air 

Please note all imagery featured is purely for reference and not a product of Nearly Natural.


  • Susan, depending on what needs to be cleaned (i.e. stains need to be washed, while dust can be dusted off via a fluff).

    Iakov F.
    Marketing Specialist @ Nearly Natural

    By Iakov Fomin on

  • How do you clean the artificial gummy water? I bought an orchid & I’m already noticing dust settling on it at the bottom of the vase. Thanks!

    By Susan on

  • I have loved all of my previous purchases from you. I now need a single stem in white or close too in a small ceramic pot. My preference is white or close to it. I like the tropical look if possible Your Bird of Paradise and calla lilies are lovely, but orange won’t do. My question is whether you can customize a single stem or two for me approx. 23" give or take some for my small condo space. I’m looking for simplicity and elegance. Thank you

    By Barbara on

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