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Decorate With Artificial Bamboo Trees


If you want to add a little zen to your outdoor or indoor space, look no further than an artificial bamboo tree.

Easier to care for than the real thing, a faux bamboo tree will instantly liven up any space. Consider putting it by a window so that it passes for a real tree or in a corner that needs some greenery or your patio since the leaves are UV resistant. 


Artificial Versus Real

There are many reasons why we are passionate about artificial bamboo trees over real trees and here are some of the reasons why, just to name a few: 

1. You don’t need a green thumb to keep an artificial bamboo tree alive

2. You don’t need to worry about having someone take care of your plants and trees when you’re out of town

3. They are a great option for those of us who have pets who would otherwise get into the plant and make a mess

4. Artificial plants and trees are more cost efficient because you don’t need to keep replacing them


How to Maintain Your Artificial Bamboo Tree

Maintaining your faux bamboo tree is super easy. Simply dust it off every few months when you’re dusting your furniture. And once per year, use a small paintbrush or toothbrush to clean the crevasses of your bamboo tree. These simple steps will ensure that your artificial bamboo tree continues to pass for a real tree with all of your house guests.


Why Nearly Natural?

Nearly Natural was founded by a horticulturalist who had immaculate attention to detail and those values have transcended time and show in all of our products. Nearly Natural only creates flowers, trees and plants that look surprisingly like the real thing. 

Our Top Sellers

Bamboo with Decorative Planter

This option is both bold and whimsical. It features several trunks bursting with sticks and bamboo leaves that add a beautiful sense of greenery to any spot you choose to put it. The bamboo with decorative planter tree comes with a beautiful planter with artificial moss in it adding to the realistic nature of this tree. 

Black Bamboo Tree

The black bamboo tree is known for it’s jet black trunks and it’s bright green leaves. The artificial version of this stunning tree is astonishingly realistic in it’s presentation and will liven up any space in your home that you choose to put it. Get ready for the compliments from your houseguests! 

Fancy Style Slim Bamboo Silk Tree

This extraordinarily beautiful version of a bamboo tree is uniquely styled with multiple trunks and lush green leaves. The bushiness of the fancy style slim bamboo silk tree adds a sense of privacy to the window, corner, desk, etc. where you choose to place it.