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Why We Love Artificial Hanging Plants


Hanging plants add a touch of beauty to your indoor or outdoor space.

Everyone loves nature and decorating their homes with blooms and leaves. However, many of us lack a green thumb to keep our plants alive and that’s where Nearly Natural comes in. We create realistic looking artificial plants and trees that pass for the real thing but don’t require the maintenance. 

An artificial hanging plant on your porch or in your home means you can get that touch of nature but you don’t have to take care of a real plant.


Faux is In 

When you’re going to buy artificial hanging plants it’s all about the product your choose. There are a ton on the market but many of them don’t look as realistic as Nearly Natural’s hanging plants.

Aside from artificial hanging plants looking real, they don’t require maintenance, they can be hung from everywhere, you can go out of town without having to have someone come over and water your plants and they stay “in bloom” all year around unlike real plants.


Where to Decorate With a Hanging Plant

Artificial plants don’t weigh as much as real plants so a J-hook may do the trick. If you want to be on the safe side, you can easily purchase a hook kit like this one

When it comes where to hang your plant, scan your porch and inside your home for areas that need color. Choose a few hanging plants for maximum decorative impact. 


How to Maintain Your Hanging Plant

Every once in a while you’ll want to get on a chair or a ladder and dust your plant off. Twice a year you should use a toothbrush or small paintbrush to get into the crevices and leaves of your faux hanging plant to keep it looking beautiful. It’s that simple!


Why Nearly Natural is So Popular

As we mentioned earlier in the post, it’s important to choose the right brand. A brand who values intricate details and produces artificial plants that look completely real. And Nearly Natural fits that profile.

We love our customers so we offer free shipping and hassle free returns. We aim to not only create amazing products, but we also make the purchasing process super easy.


Our Favorite Artificial Hanging Plants

We have a lot of artificial hanging plants to choose from and you can view them 

here. To help you pick the right artificial hanging plant, here are a few of our customers’ favorites:

Green Variegated Wandering Jew Hanging Basket Artificial Plant

This plant is full of green leaves with a touch of white stripes on the leaves which spill over the planter like a waterfall. It comes with a simple white planter so that the Green variegated wandering Jew hanging basket artificial plant will match any indoor or outdoor space.

Pothos Hanging Basket

This option is a simple plant full of luscious green leaves. The simplicity of the pothos hanging basket means it will match any indoor or outdoor space. The leaves are UV resistant so it’s a perfect option to hang on your front porch.

Geranium Hanging Basket Silk Plant

This plant is bold but delicate with its leafy appeal and pretty blossoms. It comes in pink or red so that you can choose the color that matches your décor the best. The geranium hanging basket silk plant comes with a tasteful wicker planter and matches any space.