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High Quality Artificial Hydrangeas Collection


Artificial hydrangeas are a great way to add a splash of natural color to your indoor space especially if you lack the green thumb to keep real plants alive.

Easy to maintain, fake hydrangeas are even more cost efficient than a real plant because you’ll never have to replace it like you do with a real plant. And, it will stay in bloom all season long while fooling your house guests into thinking you are skilled enough to keep a real plant alive.


Where to Put Your Fake Hydrangeas

Fake hydrangeas can add a pop of color and breathe life into any space that you would put a real floral arrangement. A few places to consider are: 

1. Night stand tables

2. Coffee or end tables

3. As a centerpiece on your kitchen table

4. On your patio table

5. On a book shelf

6. On a bathroom countertop  


Your Making the Right choice With Nearly Natural

Nearly Natural was founded by a horticulturalist who had a knack for paying close attention to detail. Every flower, plant and tree he created looked like the real thing and this value has transpired throughout time and shows in all of our products.

We also offer free shipping and hassle free returns so that you can find the perfect fit for your space.


Our Top Selling Artificial Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas, Succulent and Antlers Artificial Arrangement in Marble Vase

This vivid arrangement will offer a bit of rustic chicness to any space. The hydrangeas, succulent and antlers artificial arrangement in marble vase is bold yet colorful and easily commands any space.

Hydrangea and Ivy Artificial Arrangement

The whites and greens in this arrangement are natural and delicate enough to fit in with any color scheme. The hydrangea and ivy artificial arrangement is flowing in every direction and will add a touch of elegance anywhere you decide to put it. 

Cherry Blossom and Hydrangeas Artificial Arrangement in Urn

This colorful yet sleek arrangement features striking cherry blossoms and soft hydrangeas making everyone think of spring. The cherry blossom and hydrangeas artificial arrangement in urn comes complete with a tasteful white urn.