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Why Silk Ferns Are the Perfect Addition for Your Home


Ferns are one of the most beautiful plants. Their cascading branches drape down and instantly add an element of peace and natural splendor to any room in your home or hanging on your front porch. Worried that your artificial fern won’t pass for the real thing? I’m here to tell you that if you choose the right fern, it will look completely real and even feel real to the touch. It’s all about finding the right brand and product. Don’t settle for something of lower quality and you’ll be able to fool any plant savvy house guest into thinking your fake fern is real.


Why You Should Opt for Silk Ferns

Avoid plastic ferns as they don’t resemble the real thing like silk plants do. Silk ferns are pliable just like a real fern and can be bent so that your stems and leaves fit in any space in your home.

We’re passionate about silk plants over real ones and here are a few reasons why:

1. Artificial ferns don’t require the upkeep that real ones do since you don’t have to water them so they’re perfect for anyone who lacks a green thumb

2. If you have pets, silk ferns are a great option because your animals won’t eat them or get into them and make a mess

3. They don’t need sunlight so they can brighten up dark corners

4. If you go out of town you don’t have to have someone come over to water your plants


The Perfect Place to Put Your Fern

Ferns look great just about anywhere in your home. To get your interior design juices flowing, here are a few spots where you can consider placing your silk fern.

1. A windowsill by a sunny window (putting it by a window adds to the realistic effect of the fern)

2. Place 2 ferns on the coffee tables on either sides of your couch since symmetry looks awesome

3. A pedestal in the corner of your home

4. A bookshelf

5. Your nightstand table

6. The bathroom counter

7. As a centerpiece in the center of your kitchen table

8. Hanging on your front porch


How to Care for Your Fern

Compared to the watering and pruning needed for a real fern, caring for your artificial fern is a breeze. Simply keep it dusted and incorporate dusting it into your routine when your dusting your furniture. It will take about 30 seconds. Twice a year, use a toothbrush or a small paint brush to get into the stems and crevices of your plant to keep it looking fresh. How simple is that!?


The Nearly Natural Guarantee

Nearly Natural guarantees that you’ll love your new fern. We stand so much behind that guarantee that we offer hassle free returns in the event that you get your fern and it doesn’t work in your designated space. 

What makes Nearly Natural standout from other brands that you can buy artificial plants from is that we are meticulous when it comes to attention to detail. Our brand was started by a horticulturalist who applied his immense knowledge of plants to the artificial plants he created, and these values still exist with our team today.


Our Most Popular Ferns

So by now you probably see the value in opting for a silk fern. In order to help you pick one that looks completely realistic, here are our three best sellers:

Artificial Large Boston Fern Hanging Basket

This fern has billowy branches and leaves that cascade downward. The artificial large Boston fern hanging basket looks great on a front porch or hanging from the ceiling in a room in your home. It will instantly soften a space and bring a peaceful sense of nature.

Boston Fern Set of 2

Skinny fronds with tons of luscious leaves spread out beautifully and instantly add a sense of greenery to your indoor space. The Boston fern set of 2 means that you can add them to two different rooms or place them in the same room on either sides of your couch for example to add some nature filled symmetry. 

Mixed Fern with Twig and Moss Basket

Enjoy the rustic beauty of the mixed fern with twig and moss basket. This realistic and earthy plan will bring the outdoors indoors and is a gorgeous option if you’re wanting to decorate with silk ferns. The moss basket adds even more authenticity of this artificial alternative to a real fern.