Picturesque Places For Hanging (Silk) Plants

With hanging plants currently trending on Instagram and Pinterest, it’s hard not to get caught up in all of the inspirational greenery. With the help of our collection of hanging silk plants, not only can we help you free up floor space, but it with the ability to elevate them at greater heights will allow you the opportunity to actually enjoy and appreciate them at eye level! Not only that, but if you have little ones who love to pull and tug on things found on the floor, or perhaps even a pet that can get caught up in claiming greenery for their own pleasure, our artificial hanging plants can alleviate all of those concerns. Today we’re sharing just a few places where you can easily transform bare spaces while maximizing your vertical spaces with the help of an evergreen silk hanging plant - or two… or three!

Picturesque Places For Hanging (Silk) Plants: Above A Bathtub

Above A Bathtub:

Easily convert your bathroom into a (more) relaxing sanctuary by installing a silk hanging plant above your bathtub. Not only will it instantly freshen up the space, but it will lend a punch of natural looking color to the environment.
Picturesque Places For Hanging (Silk) Plants: Throughout Outdoor Spaces

Throughout Outdoor Spaces:

Take advantage of our exclusive UV Resistant Indoor + Outdoor Hanging Plants for sprucing up outdoor spaces. While some patios might leave you with just hard, concrete finishes, soften up the place by taking advantage of higher spaces from the ceiling down. To create pleasing focal points (rather than bare, hard walls!), create multiple tiers of foliage by using various lengths and sizes to create a true sense of serenity. Best part, because our outdoor line is protected with UV resistance, you won’t have to worry about them fading from the sunlight or suffering damage from the natural elements.
Picturesque Places For Hanging (Silk) Plants: Cuddled Up Corners

Cuddled Up Corners:

Create a comfort zone in intimate corners with the help of a tendrilling silk plant; when displayed in a space with plenty of natural light and brightly colored walls, hanging silk plant(s) can easily up the ante on coziness. Whether it’s in your bedroom, a spacious hallway or your favorite reading nook, you can easily showcase artificial hanging plants as you would with wall art to help stylize your favorite living spaces.
Picturesque Places For Hanging (Silk) Plants: (Un)Ordinary Office Spaces

(Un) Ordinary Office Spaces:

If you dread walking into your office everyday, why not try a hanging silk plant somewhere in eye’s view; by incorporating verdant faux-liage, not only will it give a pop of color to the space, but it will boost your mood by giving you something green to concentrate amidst all the daydreaming.
Picturesque Places For Hanging (Silk) Plants: Art-ify Kitchen Spaces

Art-ify A Kitchen:

Kitchen spaces are one of the best places to install a (artifical) hanging garden. Not only does it free up counter spaces, but the fresh-looking greenery will easily transform the space into a space of tranquility rather than a setting for around-the-clock chores. For more ideas on how to specifically transform kitchen spaces, you can check out our 5 Tips On How To Spruce’n Up Kitchen Spaces With Artificial Plants.

Picturesque Places For Hanging (Silk) Plants: Entrance / Exit Accents

Entrance / Exit Accents:

Because an entrance/exit is the first and last place your guests will find themselves in your home, why not leave them with a lasting impression; everlasting (silk) greenery can help fill the space with life and energy - especially when displayed at eye level.

For more inspiration on how to use artificial and silk hanging plants, head over to our Pinterest Board dedicated to Hanging Silk Plants. In the meantime, shop our top picks of artificial silk hanging plants for summer!

Please note all imagery featured is purely inspiration and not a product of Nearly Natural.

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