Artificial & Fake Plants That Look Real

Artificial & Fake Plants That Look Real

There’s never been a better way to decorate your home. Take the beauty and calming effects of the natural world into your life, but now with no maintenance! No one will know as long as you don’t mention that they are artificial plants and not real foliage. Using modern technology and materials, we have been able to imitate the texture, proportions and symmetry of plant life to a whole new level of realism. We offer a finer version of fake plants at a reasonable price.

When you buy from Nearly Natural, you're investing in a quality product designed by horticulturists who have experience in the home décor world. We can create artistic renditions of nature that look so real they're Nearly Natural because of this experience. Our items' quality is a far cry from the days where silk trees were tacky and cheap looking. Nowadays, we have a strict quality control process to ensure every item looks just as real as a real tree but ensuring it will last you years.
Want to feel like you're walking through the Tuscan countryside or on a beach vacation in the Caribbean? Add some faux trees for a sense of relaxation no matter where you live. Even if you're tight on space or have a large outdoor area, we have a vast selection of all types of artificial trees. If you're looking for an outdoor tree, remember to look for indoor/outdoor or UV resistant words in the title. Some of the best-selling outdoor trees include Palm trees, Areca Palms, and Traveler's Palm. All these can help you recreate an exotic oasis where you escape after a long day, especially since we're spending more time at home; adding faux trees are a perfect way to relax from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The easiest way to change the atmosphere of your home or yard is by simply adding decoration. With nothing more beautiful than the natural world of Earth, plants are the obvious choice. The maintenance and mess of dirt and water for genuine plants may dissuade us from using them in many situations, but the best fake plants can fit any situation. Our fake plants are so realistic they are nearly indistinguishable from real foliage and flowers. This allows us to gain the many benefits of nature’s decoration without the downsides of daily upkeep. Unlike imitation foliage you may have seen before, Nearly Natural strives to bring a higher end option to the world of fake plants while keeping the price around the same or even less than real plants. On top of that, you are guaranteed not to lose your investment to rough shipping and handling or lack of water and sunlight. Choose from a huge range of uses, from decorating your bedroom to transforming your home’s entrances.


Since our artificial plants look so real and come in a large variety of sizes and styles, they can be used to decorate every niche of indoor space. From small nooks to open areas and centerpieces, our selection of flower bouquets, succulents, bonsais and much more can satisfy any decor requirements. Choose a vase, plant or flower color that matches the color of your walls or furniture to give an extra flair to a room's vibes. Indoor areas are some of the best places to gain the proven stress reducing and calming effects of nature with artificial plants that look real.

How Can Fake Plants Look And Feel Real To The Touch?

The only way to bring a better experience to artificial plants is to use higher quality materials and finer craftsmanship. This means greater attention to detail and texture for every leaf, petal and branch of our creations. The more we honor nature’s flawless design and symmetry, the more we benefit.

How Can I Make My Plants Look More Real?

There are quite a few handy tricks to make our plants look more real. One is tactical positioning. Place plants close enough to sitting and resting areas so as to gain the benefits of their beauty, but not so close to where they are a spectacle. Another is to intermingle real plants you have with your imitation plants, and to add real outdoor materials such as stones and moss.

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