Silk Zamioculcas Plants | Fake Zamioculcas Plants

Silk Zamioculcas Plants


These ornately crafted green oval leaves will create a shower of interest and admiration in any room. If you can’t pronounce “zamioculcas”, they are also known as “the ZZ plant,” or the aroid palm. The brightness of these plants will help brighten any room and a row of these could create a beautiful accent to any garden. The 3 inch plant is the perfect addition to any end table, or you could opt for a 22 inch plant for a desk or dresser. The glossy leaves of these plants in their natural settings are perfectly mimicked by our artificial plants or wreaths.

A Spray of Lovely Leaves

Nearly Natural is the first artificial floral company to hire floral designers with experience in the live plant industry. No wonder our plants look so real! Each leaf, branch and bloom is meticulously designed to bring you the most authentic designs you can buy. In addition to our tropical plants, why not take a look at our authentic cactus plants, grasses, bushes or hanging plants. We also have a good selection of hanging plants. Our attention to detail and customer service will ensure you get a choice you will admire for years to come. Your choice of Nearly Natural faux plant is a reflection of your excellent taste.

A Lacey Flow of Joy

We know decorating your new home is a challenge, so we are here to make it easier. All of our plants make great accents to any home, and we have one for any type of decor. Be sure to measure the space you want to place your plant on; and you will then be sure your new and beautiful silk plant will fit in its place of honor. Any of our faux plants and trees would make a perfect gift for anyone you love, and you can proudly give a gift of anything from Nearly Natural.

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