Faux, Artificial Succulents & Fake Succulents

Succulents are a minimalist nature lover’s best friend. Now being even less maintenance than traditional succulents, we can decorate any aspect of home decor, maintenance free. The simple stillness of desert beauty can meld with any theme and compliments boho and southwestern themes especially well. Small succulent arrangements in planters and glass terrarium domes are the perfect addition to a desk or small table. Larger trays and pots of cacti and Agave plants can fit the role of a more prominent display or centerpiece.

When you buy from Nearly Natural, you're investing in a quality product designed by horticulturists who have experience in the home décor world. We can create artistic renditions of nature that look so real they're Nearly Natural because of this experience. Our items' quality is a far cry from the days where silk trees were tacky and cheap looking. Nowadays, we have a strict quality control process to ensure every item looks just as real as a real tree but ensuring it will last you years.
Want to feel like you're walking through the Tuscan countryside or on a beach vacation in the Caribbean? Add some faux trees for a sense of relaxation no matter where you live. Even if you're tight on space or have a large outdoor area, we have a vast selection of all types of artificial trees. If you're looking for an outdoor tree, remember to look for indoor/outdoor or UV resistant words in the title. Some of the best-selling outdoor trees include Palm trees, Areca Palms, and Traveler's Palm. All these can help you recreate an exotic oasis where you escape after a long day, especially since we're spending more time at home; adding faux trees are a perfect way to relax from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Succulent decor is a new and trendy way to beautify your home. We use high quality materials and craftsmanship to create hyper-realistic arid arrangements, making Nearly Natural the premier choice for modern naturalistic decoration. Proportions and texture are expertly imitated so that we can receive the greatest benefits of nature’s elegant design. A huge selection of mini artificial succulents can bring cuteness to even the smallest corner of your home or workplace. Other options include outdoor varieties tailored to rougher conditions. Being equally affordable as real succulents and even more versatile, our selection is a secure investment that won’t be lost to a lack of sunlight or excessive watering.

Large Succulent Plants

If you want to make a bold statement, our tall succulents can create a striking exhibit. Faux succulent options include the classic Agave in a black planter, standing two and a half feet tall, or more unique and exotic options like the Yucca which stands nearly five feet tall. Set these peaceful guardians in the open spaces of your bigger rooms and see how the ambience of the room instantly changes. With even more choices of towering, flowering cacti and Dracaena with multiple shades of green, any desert plant you can imagine can become part of the decor family.

Artificial Outdoor Succulents

Artificial succulents are not limited to the indoors. Hanging and potted Agave arrangements offer a sturdy and majestic addition to your outdoor spaces. Whether it is a patio, balcony or even garden, any landscape theme or condition can be artfully amended with arid austerity. Our hanging Agave plant is paired Maiden Hair to offer a softer companion to the tough and sturdy succulent. This can make a great addition to an outdoor lounge area by adding greenery with foliage of leaves both big and small. Other outdoor choices feature the Agave alone in polished concrete or rounded planters for use on a floor or table.

Faux Succulent Arrangements

Large and small succulent arrangements showcase a select mixture of our favorite succulents together in simple and artistic containers. Rustic concrete planters sit well on a window sill and are an excellent and aesthetic footing for a window. Our seashell and glass terrarium dome succulent gardens make a curious and enchanting centerpiece small enough to fit a table of any size. These tray and planter designs give way to DIY enhancement with space to fit your own choice of moss, pebbles or small figurines between the plants.

How to Arrange Fake Succulents?

Succulents can stand alone due to their modest and more neutral appearance, but do very well in a minimalist or desert theme. Lots of space around each arrangement helps to maintain this kind of atmosphere. Green succulents are well contrasted with yellow, brown and reddish desert colors, such as maroon, to make them stand out more.

How to Make a Faux Succulent Wall?

A succulent wall is a great way to add a big bundle of natural decoration with very little space needed. This special kind of decoration can dramatically transform any room and even an outdoor area. Many of our succulent products come simply as a plant with a stem. These products are great for a DIY succulent wall. Take a large sheet of turf or mesh and make the appropriate hole for inserting stems. One can use a wooden board as well if holes are drilled and the board is covered with decorative grass or texture. We also have a selection of premade outdoor plant walls.

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