Artificial Plants

Fake plants often get the worst rep. And for a good reason. The image of plastic plants might be instilled in you, but artificial plants have undergone a facelift to become as realistic as possible. Here at Nearly Natural, horticulturists design our fake potted plants from high-quality materials to capture mother nature's beauty at every plant, stem, and trunk. See the difference for yourself. No matter your space's size or budget, the perfect artificial tree awaits you. From olive trees, palm trees, citrus, and roses explore our exclusive collection of faux greenery today. You won’t be disappointed.

Why You Should Buy Fake Plants?

Explore our selection of artificial indoor plants, and artificial plant décor. Get peace of mind knowing that these high-quality plants can be safely housed indoors and outdoors – without maintenance. Cultivate your dream rooms by decorating with artificial plants that blossom spaces into an oasis that boosts creativity, focus, and calmness. We have plants in a variety of textures that complement areas of all sizes, including apartments, homes and offices, vacation homes, living rooms, kitchen dining, and bathrooms. Best of all? With just minimal maintenance, your new artificial house plants can last years, making artificial plants a better investment in the long run. Save time and money by investing in some affordable, high-quality artificial plants that instantly transform your space, taking it to the next level. 
Artificial Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are the perfect accent for lonely ceilings and those with compact spaces. Create a beautiful vertical garden with hanging plants that can bring different textures and colors to areas that need a focal point. Mix and match other contrasting colors, textures, and foliage to get depth and create a welcoming greeting. Place a few hanging plants in front of your entryway, kitchen, or bathroom and be transported to an indoor jungle. Best of all? Even if you have limited space or lack a green thumb, you can quickly spruce up your space.

Fake Desktop Plants

Increase your performance at work by changing your scenery. Did you know? Artificial plants can help boost creativity, focus, and calmness. If you want to enhance your study environment while staying on top of work, fake plants are the easiest way to work better and smarter. These small plants also make a fine gift to a coworker, boss, or friend. Without the need for maintenance, you have one less thing to worry about! Explore our large variety of desktop plants ranging from succulents, grass, Boston fern, and Fiddle Figs. We have a plant for every budget, taste, and space.

Artificial Indoor Plants

Bring the outdoors in literally with the help of some artificial plants that are an easy way to spruce up your space. Ranging in size from large plants, midsize, small, and mini, incorporating indoor artificial plants is a great way to cultivate that designer look effortlessly. Our incredibly lifelike artificial plants mimic the texture and foliage of real trees. With an attention to detail on natural intricacies, only a horticulturist would know, we are sure you will love your plant. With 1000s of indoor plants for you to choose from, we know there is something out there for every style, space, and budget. Our collection transports you to the most exotic places in the world from classic flora like the palm tree, succulents, and Fiddle Figs to exotic variegated plants that are extremely rare.

Artificial Outdoor Plants

Many outdoor plants provide aesthetic improvement and even privacy benefits to your yard and windows. All kinds of plants such as hedges, bushes, and small trees require constant pruning, watering and care to prevent disease and pests. Our collection of fake outdoor plants offer all of these benefits with none of the downsides. Every kind of plant you can imagine, ranging from the familiar fake succulents to the artificial ferns, are available to add to your yard-scape. Bring a sense of elegance to the entrance of your home with a spiral topiary on both sides of your front door or place Cycas trees on the porch to create a tropical oasis.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Decorate with Faux Plants?

Decorating with artificial plants can actually be one of the easiest and simplest ways to decorate, as well as one of the most beneficial additions to an area. It is best to pick a theme so as to create a coherence between the accompanying plants and other adornments. Great examples include a tropical jungle, arid southwestern, or even something as simple as minimalist or rural farmhouse themes. As you delve deeper into your theme, finding complementary pieces will increase the visual and even visceral effect of your decor choices. Relevant posters, themed furniture, and real plants are well paired with faux plants. If you're ready to kickoff your decor but not sure where to start, we recommend starting with the rooms you're most familiar with first, and for some of us that's the bedroom - checkout our bedroom plant decor guide.

How to Make Artificial Plants Look Real?

You have already made a big step in the right direction for making artificial plants look real by choosing the most realistic plants on the market at Nearly Natural. To take it even further there are some hidden tips we can offer. By mixing faux plants with real ones you can create the impression that they are all real, especially if you put the real ones closest to dining or lounging areas where people will stay for longer periods of time. Adding natural moss, stone, sticks or other genuine products of the outdoors to your planter pot can make a big difference as well. Not to mention that outdoor plants can benefit greatly from the added stability of some additional weight at the bottom. If you want to learn more about how to make fake plants look real check out this guide that we published not too long ago.

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