Fake Tropical Arrangements | Artificial Tropical Plants

Enjoy a taste of the tropics with a selection of artificial tropical arrangements from Nearly Natural. Explosions of color and shapely curves highlight our tropical collection. These flowers are so vivid you may expect a hummingbird to stop by for a visit. While birds aren’t included, our collection does include several varieties of Bird of Paradise flowers arranged in unique presentations that showcase their starburst-shaped petals. Faux arrangements of heliconia, bromeliad, anthurium, and calla lilies in a range of vibrant colors help to round out the tropical options available. Options include liquid illusion (faux water) for a permanent fresh-cut appearance.

Why Shop at Nearly Natural


Here at Nearly Natural, we have over 75 years of experience in the live plant industry, making us a leading choice for interior designers and social media influencers alike. Crafted from high-quality materials, our creations are sure to last you many years with the proper care and maintenance. Just an occasional feather dusting is needed from time to time to ensure the longevity of your new fake tropical plants. Artificial tropical flowers require the same care, they’ll brighten your space for a lot longer than the real ones. With our headquarters in Miami, Florida, the flora and fauna surrounding us, push us to create fake tropical arrangements.

Where to Add

No matter where you live, the size of your home or office, or your budget, the perfect faux plant, and tree are out there for you. Because everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits of nature, we aim to bring the powers of mother nature to you. Some great locations for displaying your new faux plants and trees are living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, great rooms, and more. Explore our vast selection of tropical, inspired faux plants and trees, to transform your space into a tropical paradise.

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