Short & Tall Artificial Floor Plants | Faux Floor Plants

Short & Tall Artificial Floor Plants | Faux Floor Plants

Smaller spaces deserve some love too! We believe you can decorate any room in a well-thought-of manner. Here at Nearly Natural, horticulturists design small fake plants from high-quality materials to capture mother nature's beauty at every stem, branch, and leaf and feel confident in our designs. So just because you're facing constraints by decorating a small space, don't be discouraged; we make styling affordable and fun. Ranging in size from dracaenas, cacti, olive trees, and more, the perfect small plant awaits you. Explore our vast collection today and turn your space into an oasis of green – without the maintenance.

Why Should You Buy Artificial Floor Plants?


Floor plants are an extremely easy and effective way to uplift your personal living space. Just by finding a good place to set them on the floor, you will instantly change the energy in the area. Plants are known and proven to have countless benefits to our state of mind. Now that there is not an obligation for maintenance and risk of perishing, there is just no reason not to include them in your life. Unlike many other artificial floor plants you may have seen, we use high quality materials and modern advancement to create supreme realism in texture and shape. We strive to make fake plants look real more than ever before so that we can remain true to nature’s way as much as possible.

Tall & Large Artificial Plants

When it comes to interior design, the larger the decoration the more impact it has. Tall, fake plants are an excellent and easy way to quickly improve your home decor. Since our arrangements come ready in different artistic pots, it's as simple as setting it down in the right place. Unlike other decorative additions, our selection of large fake plants don't require a screw for hanging or a paint and brush, yet still hold the same transformative power. We even made a buying guide for large plants to make choosing the best addition to your living room, kitchen or bedroom even easier.

Outdoor & Indoor

Fake plants are incredibly versatile and we design them to uphold their various intended uses exceptionally well, both indoors and outdoors. Our outdoor oriented options are crafted with UV resistance and sturdy construction making them tough and stable enough to withstand sun, wind and rain alike. Patio and balcony space can experience increased privacy and comfort with the presence of a long lasting, tall outdoor plant. A well positioned dracaena or palm tree can be used to break line of sight in a subtle and tactful way in front of a window or garden area. Use our outdoor varieties if you want to save space in the house by placing it outside the window, or use one of our special Real Touch creations if you're looking for an interior addition with a real to the feel quality.

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