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Our Asian-styled, indoor and outdoor statues can be set throughout your home and yard for a classic look. Our warrior can stand guard by your doorway or patio entrance, while our Buddha statues offer a sense of peace and serenity in the midst of your garden or in a corner of your bedroom. All of our statues are safe to place indoors or out…anywhere you feel you could use a bit more peace.

Statues and Garden Decorations


Did you know that Nearly Natural designs sells more than just top-quality botanicals? We also create and sell garden statues. To augment your landscape plan or to complete your garden, you should consider adding the essence of serenity by choosing a Buddha statue. We offer a Buddha head or a full-length Buddha, calmly seated in a lotus pose. If you prefer a different statue, we also have a forty-inch statue of an Asian warrior. If you want to ensure your garden bears a symbol of spiritual oversight, this is a great choice for you to make. Our statues maintain the same level of craftsmanship as our botanicals.

The Perfect Focal Point

At Nearly Natural, we know you appreciate our reasonable pricing. But if you are ever looking for a botanical bargain or want to buy a large amount of fake blooms at a deeper discount, follow our link to the clearance page. Many of the items on that page are seasonal, but why not stock up on some of the merchandise so you’ll be ready when that season arrives? If you’re looking for something specific, use the search feature on the website. All our clearance merchandise retains the authentic appearance of the other items on our website. Any merchandise with the Nearly Natural name maintains our highest standards.

Garnish Your Garden

When you are decorating your living room, look beyond your centerpiece. While it’s essential to find a focal point for the midpoint of your room, there are other places in the living room where a fake tree, plant, flower or arrangement can bring a new spark of joy or a spirit of kinship to your room. Living rooms are intended to serve as gathering places, so what better place to put a bright faux bird of paradise plant? How about an elegant lavender wreath above your mantle, or a pair of aloe plants to adorn diagonally placed end tables? Take a look at some of our newer merchandise.

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