Varieties Of Silk Trees | Artificial Trees

Occasionally, we have a few artificial trees that defy categorization, and you’ll find them here. Dramatic yuccas, ethereal Japanese Maples, even the fabled lucky Money tree with its intricately braided trunk…if you don’t find the perfect artificial tree elsewhere on our site, check here. We’re always updating our inventory assortment with old classics or exotic rarities, so stay tuned!

Place Large Artificial Trees Outdoors for a Stunning Impact


Sometimes we need artificial outdoor trees for a spot where real trees simply cannot grow. Shady all day? Too much sun for the type of tree you desire? No time for daily watering during hot summers? The answer may be a large artificial outdoor tree -- which will withstand practically any type of weather while remaining the same size and shape forever, with minimal care. You can't lose with a beautifully-crafted artificial tree that's impervious to drought, heat, and UV rays while providing you shade, flowers, and visual interest.

Care-free Outdoor Trees From Bougainvilleas to Yuccas

Nearly Natural knows how hard it is to find just the right outdoor tree for that certain spot -- one that will be able to thrive in all the conditions in the area, and not need constant care. Always wanted a bougainvillea, but you live in the North? No matter -- with our 5' 5" artificial bougainvillea, you will be able to gaze out at this beauty any time of year, no matter where you live. Dealing with drought year after year and unable to keep ahead of watering plants all Summer? Consider our six-foot tall Cycas or our seven-foot Sakaki artificial trees, which never need watering but will provide shade and a major visual impact -- while you use your water for more essential things. For those who adore the painstakingly-shaped look of bonsai or topiary trees but don't have the time to devote to their maintenance, Nearly Natural hears you too. Choose from a wide selection of bonsai-style outdoor artificial trees -- from three, four or five-foot-tall boxwoods that would be the perfect addition to any doorway to a three-foot-tall bonsai-style podocarpus, to a 30" tall bonsai-style maple that would be the perfect outdoor accent for your home.

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