Silk Hanging Basket Plants | Artificial Hanging Plants

Maintaining outdoor plants can be challenging for many reasons. The weather, seasonality, and maintenance make it difficult to create your outdoor dream space. But join team faux today. Designed by horticulturists with 75+ years of experience in the live plant industry from high-quality materials, our outdoor hanging plants are nature-inspired and look incredibly lifelike in your space. The best part of our faux hanging plants is that you can customize them to fit in your area and add them to a base of your choice. Especially if you have a smaller outdoor space, hanging plants help save valuable real estate without taking up too much space.

Why Should You Buy Artificial Hanging Plants?


Besides the obvious benefits of artificial plants such as non-Hypoallergenic (allergy free), and being cost effective, you should buy artificial hanging plants if you want something unique & versatile in decor/design capabilities. You can use artificial hanging plants to add some depth and visual interests to rooms that seem bare. For example, faux hanging plants for the bathroom add some color that can truly bring you closer to nature during your next bath, feel as you're showering outside. Further, hanging plants is one of the best additions to any diy faux hanging plant wall decor. During your next self-care day, immerse yourself in a tranquil environment that'll bring the serenity of the jungle into your living areas. Best of all? Zero maintenance. Our faux hanging plants transport you to an oasis of greenery that'll remind you of a lush, tropical paradise. Take in the textures that range from thorny, vines, leggy, rubbery and instantly feel the aura and calmness the great outdoors instills. If you're tight on space, you can still enjoy the benefits of fake hanging plants indoor, as they allow for more room and even bring interesting textures. Faux hanging plants are the perfect solutions for compact spaces such as dorms, apartments, condos or bathrooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to hang fake plants from the ceiling?

Hanging fake plants from the ceiling is easy. If you have a wooden beam or ceiling, a J-hook will support the hanging plant. It's important to remember that it's easier to hang fake hanging plants than real ones. To be extra safe, you can drill a hole and use a nail to hang the plant. Many customers feel safer for multiple hanging plants using a handyman to ensure the plant doesn't fall.

Are hanging plants out of style?

Hanging plants are increasing in popularity according to Pinterest and search terms history. Many leading interior decorators and popular design magazines advocate for the use of artificial hanging plants. Hanging plants is the more efficient option since watering and maintaining a real plant can be difficult. No matter your décor style, you can always integrate artificial hanging plants in your decor - here are our top 15 silk hanging plants in case you need some inspiration.

Artificial Hanging Flowers

Many use artificial hanging flowers for interior decorations and events. In homes, artificial flowers such as Bougainvillea, a popular plant found in a warm climate such as Florida, will add a tropical, colorful touch to any room. Elevate your décor by designing with different colored flowers for a colorful touch that adds visual interest to any space. Some popular artificial hanging flowers are Hibiscus, Daisy, Poinsettia, and Holly. Hanging Poinsettias are popular during the holiday season because they create a warm welcome.

Indoor Hanging Plants

Indoor hanging plants are perfect for those that find hanging plants difficult to water. Imagine watering a plant from atop, it can be a headache if you have kids or noisy pets. Remove the risk of an injury and invest in some indoor hanging plants that'll instantly transform your décor. As an idea, if you have real plants, try using faux hanging plants such as Geranium, Pothos, Philodendron, Morning Glory, ferns, or Bougainvillea to elevate the look. One of the best ways to make artificial plants look more lifelike is to pair them with real ones. By using artificial hanging baskets, you can easily blur the lines.

Outdoor Hanging Plants

Outdoor hanging plants welcome all guests. Add them to your patio, porch, back yard, or balcony. Cascading-like plants such as ferns, English Ivy, Pothos, and String of Pearl can easily add dimension. Other hanging plants like Birds Nest and Philodendron will leave all in awe with the large, glossy leaves and make them look up top. No matter if you're looking to add color, dimension, or texture, you can spruce up your outdoor areas by using outdoor hanging plants. Curate in multiples for an elevated look.

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