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Love your tree but looking for a way to personalize it and make it yours? Or have you found the perfect artificial tree and need somewhere to house it in? Explore our selection of artificial potted plants indoor perfect for sprucing up your space whenever you feel like you need a refresh; it's one of the easiest ways to enhance your interior style. No matter what aesthetic you're in the mood for, you can achieve this look by just changing the indoor plant vases. Even if your space is large, small, or somewhere else, there are floor plant vases of every size perfect for any plant.

Why Planters are Perfect for a DIY Project


Here at Nearly Natural, we take pride in every design, horticulturists with experience in the live plant industry, craft every design with meticulous attention to detail to capture mother nature’s beauty at every stem, branch, and leaf. And now, we’ve set out to design the most lifelike planters and vases to represent your home décor style. Feel joy in your new plant and get even more excited by adding a personal touch that truly makes it unique. We have a pot for every unique aesthetic and taste from high-quality jute baskets to glass vases with detailed patterns.

How to Shop for a Planter

We know that shopping for a planter can be difficult, we’ve been there before, we’re here to share a few tips and trick to make the process smooth. Before you pick a planter, measure the width of your plant so you know which correct size to choose. This will avoid messy returns. Then look for the style you like, we have many different options to please any palette. The best part about adding a base to your faux greenery is that this makes it look more lifelike and real. No matter the size of your space or budget, the perfect planter awaits you.

Modern Planters

You might think that planters can be a bit more traditional, but some have a modern update. For example, the tripod planter is a favorite among mid-century modern fans; known for it's sophisticated legs, this planter is a must for any modern room. Another modern planter is the pot with a slate finish that look a bit matte and blends well in any room. If you love Hollywood glam, explore our designer vases with gold accents that'll make you feel like you're on a movie set.

Urn Planters

Urns deliver a sophisticated look wherever displayed. They make great artificial front door planters when placed side by side. Not only are they sophisticated, but they've survived the test of time by becoming a classic staple that is always en vogue. No matter the tree you wish to display on the urn, it is guaranteed to blossom.

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