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At Nearly Natural we love it when the summer sun is high above us and the plants around us are green and at their most lush peak. Wild grass comes in many forms and textures – some grow tall, and others stay close to the ground. Explore our grasses of all different kinds to bring warmth to your home. Each of our artificial silk grasses is potted, so they’re easy to transport. This allows you to DIY and adds in a planter of your choice that represents your personal style. You can easily and conveniently add beauty to your life without the maintenance that traditional decorating requires.

Why Buy From Us?


Don’t be scared to transition to team faux. Here at Nearly Natural we create the most lifelike fake grass plants, inspired by nature. Horticulturists with 75+ years of experience in the live flora vertical, design and handcraft every item to capture mother nature’s beauty in every design. Feel confident that our premium items undergo a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure you receive a quality item. No matter the size of your space or budget, we have an artificial grass plants outdoor, for any area in need of some life. Liven your space today with fake grass plants without any maintenance.

Styling Tips

If you’re unsure about where to display faux grass, we’re here to help you. Consider adding these trendy pieces as a centerpiece to a farmhouse-inspired coffee table or dining table. That fresh from the farm look, messy, but organic, adds an element of the country but chicness to your space. But even if your space isn’t farmhouse, the good news is that these pieces blend with your existing décor without it being too much or crowded. Best of all? You can DIY and add in a vessel of your choice, making it the perfect piece for any style.

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