Fake Flowers In Vase | Artificial Flowers With Vase

Faux flowers have never been so beautiful and real to the touch, and now with highly realistic water you can have freshly cut floral arrangements all year long. Bright colors, shapes and sizes characterize our huge selection of just about any flower you could want or imagine, delivered right to your doorstep. Now we never have to worry about watering and maintenance and thanks to modern advancement, we can all of nature’s natural beauty.

Why Should You Buy Liquid Illusion


Nearly Natural hand pours our liquid illusion arrangements as perfection down to the smallest detail is what we constantly strive for with every piece we create. What better way to complete floral art then by adding artificial water to a faux flower arrangement? How often do we bring home floral and place them in a vase with water? Our first class designers have spent years working with live floral before coming on board at Nearly Natural. Their main focus is to always deliver as close to a natural look as possible. We can’t help but to feel that our liquid illusion artificial water fake flower arrangement hit the nail on the head. As always Nearly Natural is here to guide you in any way that we can. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a ring for some artificial water silk flower arrangement décor tips.

Make Memorable Impressions

From adding a hint of rustic elegance to any decor scheme, to delighting that special one with a Valentine's Day gift that will remind them of you every time they see it.

A Large Variety of Vases

An enormous array of fake flower arrangements in glass vases allows us to cater to any of your home decor, event theme or business atmosphere needs. Pick a design scheme and one of our over 250 vase options are sure to fit seamlessly with your desires. From oval trays and rectangular glasses to slanted opening and even mini terrarium bowls, we are happy to help however we can.

Large & Small Flower Arrangements

With our expansive selection of artificial flowers in vases, any theme or decor style can be appropriately and excellently amended. Our popular peony arrangement showcases and healthy variety of color and sizes that is not too bright or flamboyant, making it a welcome addition to your dining room table or fireplace mantel. If you are looking for a more pure and elegant look, the all white magnolia arrangement makes a profound statement of light and magnificence.

High Quality Liquid Illusion

Clear water is an essential part of any flower bouquet, and now even a glass vase will not give away the fact that these flowers are imitation and not real. This special fake water is made to be truly indistinguishable from real water and is designed and poured by horticulturists with years of experience. At the same price as traditional bouquets, these faux flowers in a vase will beautify your home for years to come.

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