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We do so much more than fake plants. Our designers have chosen a unique selection of small and versatile furniture to feature in your home. We love the distressed vintage style, and think it matches up well with many of our artificial arrangements. Boxes, trunks, and small tables can go anywhere in your home and give it that farmhouse feel (and offer storage, too). Peruse our selection and see!

Fake Plant Furniture


If you’re a longtime fan of the silk flowers and plants at Nearly Natural, you may not be aware they have also designed a small line of vintage furniture. The furniture is made with the same devotion to detail and structural quality as that of our artificial plants. We offer you an antique nightstand and accessory table with a vintage finish painted with big, beautiful flowers. There is also a darkly stained French vintage floor cabinet with a charming peony decoration on its door. We also have antique shutter walls, ladder-style farmhouse plant displays, and vintage storage boxes with a matching antique benches.

Lovely Vintage Furniture

At Nearly Natural, we want to keep the appearance of our artificial plants, trees, flowers, and arrangements up to date. Our staff travels the world twice a year to seek out the best products on the market, and to ensure our merchandise still has an authentic resemblance to its natural counterparts. No matter what your budget is, we have a choice of artificial plants or arrangements that will suit you. Our plants will not only thrill you with their authentic appearance and textures, but they also require minimal maintenance to stay looking and feeling fresh. A monthly wipe with a damp cloth is usually all that is required.

Furniture with Flower Designs

When you purchase faux flowers from Nearly Natural, you may wonder how to keep them looking fresh and natural from year to year. In nature, flowers don’t stand straight upright on their stems. A flower always droops slightly when it is standing. You can bend the stems and slightly tilt the petals to enhance the authenticity of their appearance. Be sure to separate the flowers if you have bought more than one blossom. This is even more important if you are going to display them in a vase – since seeing the blooms bound together through the glass will destroy the illusion of their authenticity.

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