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Nature-inspired and crafted from high-quality materials, decorate with lifelike artificial sansevieria plants. Artificial snake plants have long elongated leaves with a unique pattern making them funky and eclectic among all plants. The distinct foliage makes it a consistent best-selling tree across all design styles. The artificial sansevieria is also great for DIY projects, giving you the ultimate creative control. Explore our beautiful options; we have a faux tree for every style, taste, and budget.

Artificial Snake Plant


If you are a fan of unusual plants, you may like the snake plant. These long, elegant green fronds with bright yellow edges will be a perfect greeting in your front hall. You can choose a snake plant in sizes from 20 inches to over six feet tall. Snake plants are a type of sansevieria plant. In their natural setting, in Africa, these plants are succulents. Those who study plant symbolism say they are a protection from negative energy. Tall and stately plants are excellent accents for entries and hallways. They are available in a variety of planters, and in a variety of leaf patterns.

Long and Lovely Leaves

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Towering Tall Plants

There are many ways that artificial greenery from Nearly Natural can bring additional style and beauty to your home. Having a bouquet of bold-colored silken flowers or a faux fruit plant in your living room can be the finishing touch to whichever type of decorations you have chosen. Or, you may want to choose a stately Ficus or olive tree in keeping with an elegant dining room. Olive trees are one of our most popular artificial trees, because of their symbolism of peace and tranquility. Some families have traditions of decorating their kitchens with herbs, leafy garlands or artificial spice plants.

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