Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees | Fake Fiddle Leaf Fig

The trendiest tree from the bunch, but one of the hardest to grow, the fiddle leaf fig, is the darling of home décor enthusiasts and interior decorators alike. The good news is that you can still get the look without the fuss with little to no maintenance by adding a faux fiddle leaf fig to any space. From small desktop fiddles to large lush and jungle-esque we are sure to have a fiddle that has everything you are looking for.

How We Make Our Items so Lifelike


Don’t be scared of adding an artificial fiddle leaf tree to your area. Gone are the stigma surrounding fake plants and trees. Designed by horticulturists from high-quality materials, our artistic rendition of nature is highly realistic. From tall faux fiddles to outdoor UV-resistant trees to desktop potted selections to lush or sparse the perfect fiddle leaf tree awaits you. Our silk fiddle life trees are designed with your style and budget in mind, looking for life-like try our natural trunk selection and real-touch leaves boosting natural imperfections and glossy green leaves of various sizes. Explore our large selection of fiddle leaf trees today and trick all your friends into thinking you can grow the notoriously picky to-grow real thing!

How to Decorate with Faux Plants in Your Space

We know decorating your home can be tricky and finding the perfect plant even more so! That's where we come in, we are here to help you find the perfect plant and its perfect spot. Add a fake fiddle leaf tree to your bedroom, living room, dining room, or office, and watch it transform your space. Its bright and bold green leaves make it the perfect focal point when decorating an empty corner nook. Its timeless appearance allows it to fit any decor style from minimalist modern, eclectic style to farmhouse chic our fiddle leaf trees can perfectly blend with your existing décor.

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