Halloween Essential Favorites | Fake Fall Plants

Boo-ify your space in a delightful not frightful way. Get your DIY hats on, it’s about to get spooky with our Halloween wreaths, Halloween-inspired trees, and more. Explore the best witch hat wreaths at a great price that won’t break the bank. Our team of leading interior designers designed every Halloween décor item so you could have one less worry and enjoy your day stress-free. No matter if you’re on the lookout for more spooky, modern, or minimalist Halloween, we have Halloween decorations made just for you. From houses, apartments, businesses, and more, there is something for every type of space.  Browse around, have fun and remember to have fun with Halloween décor. Host a party, the guests won’t forget.

Fake Hallowe'en Plants


Halloween is often a favorite holiday. People enjoy decorating with skulls, ghosts and witches, and in draping their doors with orange and black. Nearly Natural offers a variety of fake Halloween plants. Take advantage of the discounted prices now, and you’ll have enough to decorate when October comes back again. The wreaths are the most interesting items: from a wreath made completely of skeleton heads; to a solid black wreath with a raven; to a wreath with stark, bare twigs studded with fake eyeballs. You could choose from wreaths with unusual materials, like a wreath of fake spider webs or a wreath made of bundles of burlap.

Bright Fall Colors with Spooky Accents

Halloween is an excellent time to decorate your home in the striking colors of the autumn season. Give your home a refresh by adding bright hues that'll add a sense of coziness to any nook in your home in need of some life. We love being fun for Halloween and no matter your style, we believe in keeping things to the theme. This is why Nearly Natural offers many Halloween-inspired items for your home, so you can get everything from one place. With our incredible prices, you'll be rejoicing at our scary good deals.

Stock Up on Halloween Plants

Do you have a friend or family member with a favorite color? They would probably appreciate a gift of faux greenery with blossoms of that color. A gift of one of the artificial trees, plants, or flowers from Nearly Natural is guaranteed to be a great gift for anyone. Our merchandise is crafted by our designers, who are all experienced horticulturists. They use that experience to ensure each item in our inventory is an authentic replica of its natural counterparts. They also use a scrupulous inspection process before the merchandise is shipped; to compare its visual appearance as well as its texture to the real thing.

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