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Make your space bloom with silk flowers. We all love the classic look and how fresh flowers can brighten any space. But we all know that maintaining nature’s gift can be pricey and time-consuming; this is why we recommend artificial flowers that require no maintenance. But don’t be scared about transitioning to silk flowers; horticulturists with over 75 years of experience design all of our flowers from high-quality materials. Inspired by nature, some of our pieces even feel real to touch. No matter the size of your space, the perfect silk flower awaits your home. Soften any space today.

Why Should You Buy Artificial Flowers?


You should buy artificial flowers for indoor living spaces and outdoor areas when you’re looking for a way to transform your room effortlessly. With Nearly Natural’s artificial flowers, you can rest knowing that every product was inspected by horticulturists with experience in the real floral industry. If you’re looking for high quality, great flowers that look real, you will fall for our artificial flowers that will enhance the beauty of any living space. We’re the premier destination for all your faux flower needs no matter the season or need; trusted by experts in the flora field, we guarantee your new arrangement will blossom.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Clean Artificial Flowers?

Many customers ask for quick tips on how to clean silk flowers properly. While there’s information out there about how to clean silk flowers, we’re here to tell you the correct way to clean them. It’s easy, and you can use this quick tip at home. All you need to clean silk flowers is a feather duster and a schedule. To ensure your product looks fantastic year-round and lasts for years, clean it with a feather duster about once a month. It’s easy! We recommend once a month but always be on the lookout and when you see dust, swipe it to preserve the quality. This low maintenance regimen will ensure that your artificial flowers stay looking fresh and realistic all year round.

How To Make A Wedding Bouquet With Artificial Flowers?

You’re probably planning your wedding; after countless Pinterest posts, sending images to group chats, you finally decided on the look for your bouquet. To make this day extra special, you choose to use silk wedding flowers at home for a DIY look. Creating your DIY arrangement is easy, and with our lifelike silk flowers, your guests won’t know the difference. If you’re interested in learning more about how to make your own bouquet with fake flowers, read more on our blog. While you might be intimidated or scared that silk flowers are tacky, many brides opt for silk because of their ease of use and their longevity.

Are Silk Flowers Tacky?

Fake flowers often remind us of tacky plastic flowers that gather dust in Grandma’s living room. And there are plenty of tacky artificial flowers out there. However with Nearly Natural your artificial flowers will look completely real and will even feel real to the touch because we use high-quality materials in the USA. It’s all about finding the right flowers. When choosing your artificial flowers, be aware of the planter or vase that you display them in. This can help add to the realistic effect of your faux blossoms. If you lack a green thumb, need not worry, all our flowers are low maintenance and will stay fresh faux-ever.

Artificial Flowers in Vase

To admire the beauty of silk flowers, housing them in a glass vase is always the best choice. Not only do our silk flowers look real, but we mimic nature with particular attention to detail that our artificial flowers in vase with fake water, go through a unique process to solidify the liquid from our Miami, Fl warehouse. The water look arrangements are a customer favorite; wherever you display these special flowers, we guarantee people will be asking are they real or Nearly Natural?

Artificial Wedding Flowers

Are you planning that special day? Some of the most significant expenses for weddings are centerpieces, bouquets and flowers. Not only are costs high but procuring certain flowers can be difficult depending on their seasonality. You can avoid these headaches by using high-quality silk flowers and DIY the flowers for your wedding. We have more time at home than ever before. Why not invest in some DIY silk flowers for a wedding that can help you save money and ensure the flowers you want are available. If you’re ordering many flowers, we also offer artificial flowers wholesale, saving you more money for your large order. Your bouquet will last faux-ever, the same as your love.

Artificial Hanging Flowers

Artificial hanging flowers are the perfect option for when the temperature starts to drop outside. Arrange artificial flower baskets around your outside patio for an elevated look that signals the start of spring, perfect for a refresh. Transform your décor into an outdoor oasis effortlessly; you can even add hang planters to the wall for when you’re tight on space. We have outdoor hanging plants that are safe for outdoor use with UV resistant features.

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