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Our planters deserve a spotlight of their own! We have a great selection for all kinds of different looks, like Old World terra cotta, Japanese-glazed planters, rustic tin and bright, modern Art Deco styles. Our artisans work hard to match our beautiful artificial plants with the perfect planter to complete the look and accent your home or office.

Artificial potted plants


The planters and pots we make to spotlight our great line of faux plants is so distinctive; they deserve to be in a category of their own. We will gladly place any of our artificial trees or plants in the planter or pot of your choice. We offer various sizes of metal and plastic planters, along with some plant stands made with natural materials like jute or cotton. We also have some elegant ceramic pots. The planters come in all shapes and sizes; you may find yourself unable to decide which one to choose. In that case, may we suggest you buy a few?

Silken Sentries for Hallways of your Home

At Nearly Natural, we’ve recently taken the authenticity of our plants to the next level. If you have purchased our artificial plants before, you already know how perfectly they mimic their natural counterparts. But, in keeping with our mission to exceed our customers’ expectations, we now offer a new line of products called “Real Touch.” In addition to our usually authentic details, these newer plants add some of Mother Nature’s signature details, such as natural variations in leaf colors and in leaf placement; and an enhanced fidelity to plant texture. Several of our plants are also UV-resistant- so they can be displayed outside.

Bushes and Trees Will Surely Please

Is your living room ready for the holidays? Many families choose to place a holiday tree in a central location of their living room; making it a focal point for the family’s activities as the holidays approach. Your choice of a holiday tree can be a guidepost for the other decorations in your room. You can use the tree’s decorations and continue its theme throughout the room, and augment it with the many choices of holiday wreaths and garlands available at Nearly Natural. A living room should be a source of both comfort and family connection, and your choices of accessories can help to carry out that atmosphere.

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