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The eternal and classic Rose expresses promise, new beginnings, and hope. Nearly Natural's perfectly replicated fake Silk Rose Plants and Flowers are a great way to bring this beauty indoors, carefree and happy the whole year through, without wilting, water, and thorns. Simply drop some silk Rose Flowers into a vase, or place our faux Rose Plant on the table, and create the balanced ambiance your unconscious is always searching for. Nearly Natural offers a beautiful array of silk flowers perfect for just about any space. No matter your budget or the size of your area, you can decorate with artificial rose bush effortlessly.

Why People Love Nearly Natural's Artificial Rose Plants


We know you might be hesitant to try faux silk rose bush, but don’t be. Silk flowers have come a long way from yesteryear. Inspired by nature, and crafted from high-quality materials by horticulturists with experience in the live plant industry, we aim to capture mother nature’s beauty at every stem, trunk, and flower. Timeless and classic, the fake rose bush is a great choice for busy people with a hectic lifestyle, save the trip to the store, with everlasting silk botanicals. Some of our creations even feel real to the touch, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

What Makes us Different

Not only are some of our silk roses real to the touch, but our liquid illusions will fool anyone. Using a special, top-secret process, that we’ve perfected for over 20 years, your new arrangement will arrive looking fresh no matter where you choose to display it. We guarantee it won’t turn yellow or slimy as some competitors’ illusion does. High-quality and affordable, there’s something for everyone out there, no matter your budget or the size of your space. Enhance the beauty of your space today without any maintenance, take your space to the next level today. Explore our selection today.

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