Fake Outdoor Plants | Artificial Outdoor Plants

Turn your outdoor space into a dreamy oasis with artificial outdoor plants. Explore our vast collection ranging from faux palm trees, fiddle leaf figs, cedars and hanging plants. Designed by horticulturists with experience in the live plant industry from high-quality materials, feel confident in our designs mimicking mother nature’s beauty at every leaf, trunk and stem. Enhance the beauty of your home today no matter the size of your outdoor space. Have a small balcony? We recommend hanging plants. For larger areas, feel free to decorate your front porch, backyard, or patio with lush, leafy artificial plants. No maintenance required.

Why You Should Buy Fake Outdoor Plants?

You should buy fake outdoor plants because they’re more economical and easier to maintain than their real counterparts. You can easily spruce up your patio with some fake patio plants that’ll have you thinking of summer all year long. Often, with cultivating your dream garden, you’ll run into problems with the weather. For example, if you live in the North but crave that tropical Florida palm tree lifestyle, it’ll be challenging to sustain a palm tree during the winter, but you can still achieve the look with fake plants for outside. Or vice versa; maybe you live in Florida but want some plants that only grow in the desert, you can also make your dream garden dreams come true. Best of all? Our outdoor trees are UV resistant and can withstand harsh natural elements such as the sun. They are specifically made to last some time, so you can keep enjoying some alfresco time. 

Fake Tropical Plants

The best time of the year, when the kids are chilling, grilling, and out of school. Nothing says summer more than the green foliage found in tropical weather. Fake tropical plants such as palm trees, Cycas, or flowers, can help bring some life to any space. Especially if you already have a garden will real plants, one of the best ways to disguise artificial garden plants is by housing them alongside other real plants. For example, some outdoor plants might not be able to grow in some weather conditions, while others can thrive; this is why with fake plants for outside, you can create any garden you want.

Fake Bushes

Achieving the desired height when it comes to outdoor bushes can be difficult. You might have used them in your front yard next to the front door, but you realized it’s difficult to make them grow equal. If you want to achieve that crisp, upscale look, artificial bushes for outdoor are a better option as they will always be cohesive in shape and size. Take the Cypress that delivers a polished, clean look. To achieve that look and feel would require pricey landscaping and maintenance, but with artificial bushes for outside that look realistic, you only need to clean about once a month, and that’s it.

Artificial Garden Plants

Create your dream garden instantly and effortlessly with the most realistic looking artificial garden plants. From polished topiaries to exotic variegated plants that are difficult to buy, Nearly Natural has something for all plant lovers that want to grow their garden with artificial garden plants. And best of all? No maintenance, even if you have a brown thumb, everyone has a green thumb with Nearly Natural! You can now enjoy the beautiful benefits that planting a garden evokes.

Artificial Outdoor Hanging Plants

Our hanging members of the outdoor plant family are an excellent addition to your home landscape due to their efficiency of space and versatility of style. Big bunches of flowers add color and joy to your patio, while draping vines of deep green leaves bring relaxation and a sense of protection. Being around the same price as real hanging plants, these fake counterparts are a risk free investment for many years to come. The possibilities reach far and wide with our inclusive selection of hanging plants, and space is never a limitation.

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