Large Artificial Arrangements | Fake Arrangements

Want to make a statement? Simply add a large artificial arrangement and watch any room go from dull to bright and bold in an instant. Featuring large flowers these arrangements make for the perfect eye-catching centerpiece just about anywhere you place them from a dining table, or large furniture to console tables, enhancing your living space with the beauty of nature

Why You Need Our Silk Florals


We know faux arrangements can be intimidating but don’t fret. With over 75 years of experience beautifying your home, we have mastered the art of creating lifelike artificial arrangements. Each arrangement is crafted with high-quality materials, and a unique liquid illusion process to ensure your large flowering arrangement is nearly natural. Brighten up your home today with a virtually no-maintenance large faux arrangement from orchids, cherry blossoms, lilies, and roses to Christmas poinsettias, there's an arrangement just for you. Our large fake arrangements are self-contained, meaning you can find one that perfectly suits your style.

Silk Florals Bloom Faux-ever

Not only ideal for creating focal points in any and every room large faux arrangements can also be used to incorporate a touch of seasonal style. Add blooming faux orchids in the summer, daisies in spring, autumn maple leaves in fall, and poinsettia and pines for the holidays. Feel free to dress each room in your home or office with its seasonal best! To ensure their longevity and beauty throughout the years be sure to feather dust your large faux arrangments once a month with proper care it's sure to pass the test of time. With Nearly Natural gone are the days of wilting large flowers and weekly floral replacements instead, say hello to the days of faux-ever beauty! Keep your home or office space welcoming, beautiful, and bright with our large artificial arrangements. Explore our popular collection of silk botanicals today and take your home to the next level.

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