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Why Your Home Needs Artificial Palm Trees


Palm trees remind us of tropical places and sunny weather. So why not bring some of these lovely feelings indoors?

Palm trees instantly brighten and warm up a space. Whether it’s a patio or a space in your home that could use some greenery, consider adding an artificial palm tree to make your décor even more fabulous. Artificial plants add the touch of greenery that real plants offer but without all the hassle of keeping them alive. Made from silk, faux palm trees are crafted with intricate detail that makes them look and feel like the real thing. Some people consider artificial trees to be tacky, but it is because they haven’t found the right product. The right palm tree will look completely real and even feel real to the touch. It’s all about finding quality products.

Another win for artificial palm trees is that you can bend the leaves and branches to make it fit your space perfectly.


Choosing the Right Spot for Your Palm Tree

You’ve decided to add some tropical greenery to your outdoor or indoor space. But where to put it? Consider these suggestions on finding the perfect spot for your artificial palm tree. 

  1. A sunny window to add to the effect of your palm tree looking real
  2. An empty corner of your living room for a splash of greenery
  3. Your patio 
  4. Next to your couch
  5. To cover up unsightly power sockets or cords 
  6. Your office to add a touch of outdoors indoors

How to Maintain Your Palm Tree

Fake palm trees are easy to maintain so that they hold on to their realistic vibe. When you’re dusting your furniture simply include dusting your palm tree. About twice per year, use a toothbrush or paint brush dipped in soapy water to get into the crevices of the leaves. How much easier is it to maintain an artificial tree as opposed to a real one!?


What Sets Nearly Natural Apart

Nearly Natural was started by a horticulturalist who valued making impressive faux plants that look exactly like the real thing. These values have transcended time and show up in every product that Nearly Natural creates.

Not only do the products look very realistic, but, they also come with free shipping and hassle free returns. So, be sure to order your palm tree ASAP to make your home look spectacular with the help of Nearly Natural.


Our Top Palm Trees

So, you know you want a palm tree and where you want to put it. Now it’s time to choose which palm tree fits your style the most so here are our top sellers:

Paradise Palm

this 5 foot palm tree is tall but not too wide so it’s good for compact corners or spaces. The paradise palm is adorned with a dozen fronds and leaves sprouting in every direction and looks just like the real thing.

Golden Cane Palm

This six foot palm tree adds a touch of tropical to your indoor or outdoor space. It has multiple trunks and 333 beautiful green leaves sprouting in every direction. The 

golden cane palm

 will create a sense of sunny times no matter where you place it. 

Areca Palm Artificial Plant

This majestic plant comes in a set of 3. The areca palm artificial plant will immediately add a bit of a tropical feel to any room in your home or dispersed on your patio. The green leaves are spread out so that the tree adds a lot of volume to your space.