Silk Palm Trees | Artificial Palm Trees

Artificial trees are a new and interesting way to improve the looks of your home or business, and they are one of the easiest decorations to install to welcome guests and customers alike. Just by placing a tree, artificial or real, one can sense and feel an atmosphere of greater relaxation and comfort. For those who love the looks of nature, but not the worry and maintenance, silk palm trees are the ideal choice.

Why Should You Buy Silk Palm Trees?


Finely constructed and expertly assembled to precisely mimic the essence of natural symmetry and texture, our all inclusive selection of silk palm trees are an excellent fit for any setting you can imagine. From indoor to outdoor, home garage to yoga lounge, fake palm trees can benefit any space and adapt to any style. Sago palms represent the arid, sunny desert while Golden Cane and Traveler’s Palm signify humid, tropical rainforests. For your outdoor decoration and privacy needs, we offer many UV resistant options and heights of up to 7 feet to artfully add some privacy to an exposed window. Our smaller options of three or more feet can fit snugly into a living room corner or provide a comfortable atmosphere around the seating of a table. With a large variety of unique planter patterns, colors and materials, you can match the decor theme of any patio or inside area. Choices of planter pots include woven, wooden, blue, white, sand and more. Potted palm trees are able to be moved and repositioned at will and can change as your decor choices change, and can be secured and decorated with local stones and rocks to create more bottom weighted stability. Versatile and elegant, silk palm trees can add natural beauty to any setting.

Mini Palm Trees

These cuter versions of our imitation palm trees offer a whole new level of versatility and adorableness. Our set of three assorted mini palms in planter can be spread out in any room for a little taste of nature throughout your space, or all together as a trio to make a miniature forest centerpiece for a table or counter. If you are looking for a clear vase look instead of wooden planters, this trio can do the fit your need, featuring realistic imitation water. With these small teams of plants, even the minute aspects of your decor can be improved.

Indoor Artificial Palm Trees

Many different species of tropical and desert foliage are represented in our collection of indoor oriented artificial palm trees. Areca Palms showcase thin, wispy leaves resembling a light feather which leaves an aura of dreamy softness. Add these beside your office desk or in your living room to calm and soothe yourself and others while relaxing or working. Traveler’s Palms bring a more regal and refined look to your space while our Paradise Palms are a classic example of the tropical oasis theme. With so many options at your disposal there is sure to be an appropriate addition to any decor theme.

Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees

Every yard-scape can be transformed to look better and brighter with palm fronds of many shades of vibrant green. With UV resistance these colors will stay loud and clear for years to come. Add some shade and privacy to your patio lounge area quickly and easily or frame your front door and garage with a gate of tropical royalty. At the same price range as real palm trees with leaves guaranteed to never yellow or brown, artificial silk palms are the way to go for your tropical themed outdoor needs.

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