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Create a space to love with silk tulip plants. One of the most popular flowers out there is the tulip and for a great reason. Because of its’ indistinguishable features, people flock to them for many reasons, catapulting it into a darling of interior designers and social media influencers alike. But the reality is that tulips require care and a fresh-from-the-garden look isn’t always guaranteed. Nature-inspired, you have to see our creations and the quality of craftsmanship. The silk tulip plant arrangements have a liquid illusion, a special process that creates faux water. Many silk tulip plants don’t have this, making them look more fake.

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Trust our designs. With over 75 years of experience in the live plant industry, our creations aim to capture mother nature’s beauty. Crafted from high-quality materials, we ensure that you’ll faux in love, with these faux plants. To ensure the longevity of your new silk tulip, consider feather dusting about once a month, this will make it last for years. Save both time and money by transitioning to team faux. You can now have a lifelike bouquet without any of the fuss that comes with caring for live plants. A win-win situation. Explore our vast array of tulips in different colors and sizes.

Where to Decorate in Your Space

No matter your budget or space, the perfect tulip awaits you. If you’re looking for a fun creative project consider buying silk stems to create your own arrangement. This way you’ll have your dream arrangement to display wherever you choose. Some great places to add your new arrangement in include: dining tables, kitchens, bedside, and coffee tables. They also make a great gift. Get started today and explore our selection of high-quality tulips for every budget. Your dream look is so close, make it happen today with nature-inspired silk botanicals for every space in your home.

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