Artificial Wreaths | Fake Seasonal Wreaths

Looking to elevate your curb appeal? Or WOW your neighbors with an influencer-worthy front porch? A beautiful artificial wreath is sure to do the trick! Faux wreaths are the perfect decor staple for any season or décor theme. Whether you are looking for a dreamy transitional or seasonal look we got you! Celebrate the seasons one wreath at a time. Add a touch of fall with a pumpkin and berry wreath, get spooky with our Halloween wreaths, explore hundreds of flowering options for spring and summer and add a touch of the holiday spirit with our large selection of Christmas wreaths.

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Here at Nearly Natural, our designers use a wide variation of faux flowers, leaves, fruit, and wood to create seasonal looks, holiday cheer, or just a sprinkle of beauty wherever it’s placed. For a timeless look suitable all year-round explore our evergreen wreaths from olive, eucalyptus, magnolias, and more!

How to Decorate with Silk Florals?

Hung on doors, exteriors, or even on the wall as a featured object de art, our artificial wreaths add a pop of color, texture, and warmth to any area. Have a large door or grand entrance? Our faux wreaths come in various sizes to perfectly accent any space and create a welcoming look and feel. Crafted with high-quality materials our wreaths are sure to make an impression with their nearly life-like appearance keeping your guest wondering if they're faux or real! Best of all, these beauties require little to no maintenance. Lightly dust once a month and place them where your heart desires. Whether you're going for minimalist, traditional, or farmhouse style we have an artificial wreath suitable for you. Shop our artificial wreaths today and take your décor to the next level. Perfect for displaying your seasonal and holiday spirit or year-round timeless aesthetic. Explore our wreaths today!

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