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Create a space to love with artificial floral arrangements, perfect for softening rooms of all sizes; you can’t go wrong with a beloved and classic collection. Designed by horticulturists from high-quality materials, feel confident in our designs and forget about the faux flowers from yesteryear. Some of our best features include silk flowers that feel real to touch, mimicking mother nature’s beauty. From bathrooms to kitchens to guest bedrooms, add our high-quality artificial flower arrangements and soften any room. Explore orchids, hydrangeas, poinsettias for the holidays, and more; the perfect array awaits you without any maintenance on your part.

Why Should You Buy Artificial Flower Arrangements?


Artificial flower arrangements are an excellent choice for those who lack a green thumb or the time for meticulous and sometimes unrewarding care. Never worry about your kids or pets having allergic reactions to your favorite flowers or foliage as our selection of fine silk flowers are hypoallergenic. Enjoy the beauty of decorating with silk flower arrangements for a very long time to come since they will never die. Our variety of faux flower arrangements are also great for interior design due to their versatility and reliability. During off-seasons, procuring specific flowers can be nearly impossible, but with our everlasting beauties you can have picture-perfect flowers all year long. Not only are our bouquets often the same price or less as real flower bunches, our flora is guaranteed to arrive unwilted and can stand quite a bit more of beating once it is in your home. With Liquid Illusion imitation water and realistic river stones and pond pebbles to sitting in the vase, or creations are nearly indistinguishable from genuine flowers. Take home your favorite flower of any season and uplift the atmosphere of any space in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

"How to make artificial flower arrangements?"

To make an artificial flower arrangement, first gather all your flowers by the stem, then pair them together using a small rope. Some tips: try having an inspiration photo that helps guide you.

"How to make silk flower arrangements for wedding?"

To make a silk flower arrangement for a wedding remember first to have a mood board of the style you are trying to achieve, this can be done on Pinterest. Some décor ideas are farmhouse, fall, minimalist and more. After you have your inspiration, remember to cut the stems if needed, and try to make them uniform enough to tie them together, ensuring they stay together. Read our tips about how to make silk flower arrangements for weddings

Small Silk Flower Arrangements

Small silk flower arrangements are the solution for a tight space or as a centerpiece for an event. Set the table with some small silk flower arrangements for the dining room table by placing one at the center and enhance the look by adding flowers sporadically around. Another area where silk flower centerpieces are commonly used is the kitchen nook. An artificial orchid arrangement is an ideal accent for this.

Large Silk Flower Arrangements

Use large silk flower arrangements for many events. For example, they make perfect Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, or Christmas presents. Unlike real flowers, they will never die and look beautiful every day with minimal care. Just like your love, these large arrangements will last a lifetime. Add them to a bedroom or living rooms to take your décor to the next level.

Silk Flower Centerpieces

We all know flowers are an essential part of any wedding. They often consume most of the budget, but you can help lower costs by using silk floral centerpieces. Not only will they look great forever, but they can also serve as a gift for the attendees. Need not worry about them looking tacky; one of the best ways to make fake flowers look real is by blending them with real flowers. Having a mix of real and faux-bolous flowers is one of the best ways to save costs.

Fake Flower Arrangements for Weddings

Fake flower arrangements for weddings are a great option if you want seasonal flowers. Use them as table décor or create a stunning backdrop for a photoshoot; this is very trendy. Easily create a stunning backdrop of flowers so all guests can take selfies and other photos.

Valentine's Day Flower Arrangements

Bring home a unique arrangement or bouquet and create a fun/romantic experience that will bring fond memories for decades ahead. The joy of Valentine’s Day will never be the same once you see our selection, ranging from traditional classics to unique masterpieces.

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