Fake Banana Trees | Faux Banana Trees

Our fake banana trees bring a lush taste of the tropics inside your home. Vibrant multi-hued leaves and layered canopies add depth and dimension to your space, while UV-resistant material ensures the colors stay as fresh as the day you unwrap it. Faux banana bunches add authentic detail, and tropically inspired planters bring a stylish sense of place. Pair an artificial banana tree with other tropical fauna to give your home a textured and vivid pop.

Why Nearly Natural?

Here at Nearly Natural, we aim to create the most lifelike faux banana trees with 75+ years of experience, capturing mother nature’s beauty is our #1 priority. Every branch, stem, trunk, and even fruit bunch is carefully crafted to mimic this lush exotic tropical tree so it can be enjoyed as if it were the real thing. If you opt for our outdoor safe artificial banana trees rest assured our UV-resistant material ensures the colors will stay as fresh as the day you unboxed it. Because of our vast experience in the world of faux, we’ve become the number one choice for home décor for interior designers and social media influencers alike.

How to decorate?

No matter if you want to place your artificial banana tree indoors or outdoors, we have several options just for you. Go for our UV-Resistant trees if you are planning on summer alfresco dining with the family. Or select an indoor fake banana tree to bring some warmth to the cold winter months either way you can't go wrong with any pick.

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