Artificial Olive Tree | Fake Olive Trees

Our faux olive trees are the most famous on the internet! Yes, adored by interior designers and social media influencers alike, add on to your space today. Inspired by nature and crafted by horticulturists from high-quality materials, see the craftsmanship at every branch, stem, and leaf. Some of our trunks are made from natural trunks; they will age like a fine wine. For a realistic touch, you’ll notice the faux olive fruit in different colors sprouting from the branches. With high demand and limited supply, enhance the beauty of your home today. You’ll be surprised at the realism.

Why You Should Buy Faux Olive Trees?


Do you want the trendiest tree in your living area? If yes, you should buy a Nearly Natural high-quality faux olive tree that will enhance the beauty of your home décor. Did you know? All of our olive trees are horticulturist designed and approved and will instantly transform any space into a Tuscan countryside dream. If you wanderlust of the Mediterranean and dream of those easy-going days, you will faux in love with this silk olive tree. Assembled in the USA, we offer a selection of potted and non-potted plants from high-quality materials, giving you the freedom to DIY if you choose. No matter if you're looking for a topiary, small or large, we have artificial trees for every size and budget. Feel as you're walking through paradise.

Outdoor & Indoor Olive Trees

While many people love our indoor olive trees, don't forget about your patio or balcony. Our selection of UV-resistant silk olive trees complements any outdoor area in need of some greenery. The beauty of artificial outdoor olive trees is that they never need maintenance and can adapt to any environment. You can transform your backyard into a Mediterranean oasis that'll remind you of an exotic vacation where you can pick olives from the tree.

Large Olive Trees

If you have a space with tall ceilings, we recommend the 82" olive tree that is light, airy, and thin. This fake olive tree's beauty is that you can add a planter that matches your style of décor. Many customers enjoy adding them to a corner of the bedroom, living room, dining room, or entryway. If you want one that already comes with a planter, explore our selection of potted plants.

Small Olive Trees

Do you love the tall and thin olive tree? Lack a high ceiling? If you've always wanted the look of a tall olive, you can now add one to tight areas with our collection of small olive trees that are perfect for any narrow space. Their versatility and ease of maintenance make them ideal for rooms such as bathrooms, nurseries, or corners. Explore small olive trees that come in pots for an elevated décor style.

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