Fake Cactus Plants | Artificial Cactus

From adorable baby cacti in full bloom to tall, towering figures of desert landscape, our collection of fake cactus plants can fit anywhere in your home. Fake cactus plants are a great way to add a simple and minimal effect to any aspect of home decor. Decorate a great room or large space with our 6.5’ cactus, or add a small potted agave to the corner of a desk or table. Fake cactus plants easily compliment a wide variety of themes due to their round and uncomplicated appearance. Explore the Nearly Natural difference today with some fake cactus plants.

Why Should You Buy Artificial Cactus Plants?


Nearly Natural offers a care free alternative to the best kind of home and yard decoration. The best decoration is one that keeps us in touch with nature, leading to reduced stress and a peaceful mind. Our faux cactus plants are not only affordable, but so realistic that they are known to be mistaken for the real thing. We separate ourselves from the crowd of other fake plants by using high quality materials to closely mimic textures, such as silk and Liquid Illusion water. Developed by experienced horticulturists, our attention to detail in symmetry and proportions is unparalleled.

Indoor Cactus Plants

Cacti come in many different sizes, making them highly versatile. Our large cacti, such as the popular 6.5’ cactus, can completely change the feel of even a larger living room. Since it will arrive at your door already potted, it's easy to add this to your decor. Just by placing this beautiful piece on the floor, you will see the influence of its tall, magnificent radiance throughout your house. Some of the best indoor cactus options include also our small varieties in trays, pots and even by the stem.

Outdoor Cactus Plants

Bring the beauty and elegance of the arid desert to your outdoor landscape with our large outdoor cacti specially designed to weather the elements. Our long lasting materials, such as silk, feature UV resistance which means the pretty shades of green and bright succulent blossoms will not fade in the sun. Easily add natural serenity to your porch or patio simply by introducing our carefully crafted artificial cacti to your space.

Baby Cacti

Cacti have never been so cute and maintenance free. These small packages of delightful desert adorableness can uplift any space, regardless of size. A bright and colorful blossom atop one of our baby cacti can be a wonderful addition to a bookshelf, desk, table window sill or anywhere you can imagine to give yourself a little boost of happiness and peace. These mini artificial cactus plants will never stop blooming, so the benefits are everlasting.

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