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  • 15” Ruffle Fern Bush w/Burlap Base (Set of 2)

15” Ruffle Fern Bush w/Burlap Base (Set of 2)

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Sometimes, you need a decorative plant arrangement that makes a real statement. In that instance, you cannot go wrong with this amazing ruffle fern bush. This remarkable arrangement, with its beautiful fern leaves jutting in every direction, is available as a set of 2, and is perfect for any room. The fern is also housed in a burlap base, making it a perfect selection to highlight any area, in your home or office.


Height: 14 In.

Width: 17 In.

Depth: 14 In.

Pot Size: H: 4.75 In. W: 4.5 In. D: 4.5 In.