10 Easter Home Decor Trends for 2023

Consider these ten trending tips for Easter home décor in 2023:

Pink Posy Table Settings

For a spring-themed Easter dinner, use a pastel pink tablecloth and white plates. Add accent plates with a pink flowered pattern, pink-hued glasses, and pink-striped linen napkins. For a centerpiece, insert silk roses and peonies into florists' foam.

Harvest A Candy Tree

Insert wide, sturdy branches into florists' foam in a terra cotta planter. Cover the foam with faux moss, then make six candy cones by rolling double-sided scrapbook paper into cones, filling them with candy, and hanging them with ribbon.

Enjoy Eggless Easter Eggs

Dip egg-shaped, blown-up balloons in a glue mixture with pieces of colored tissue paper, then crisscross ribbon around them. Leave them to dry on a cooling rack overnight and pop the balloons in the morning.

Colorful Carrot Centerpiece

Tie together the tops of 6-8 carrots and place them in a block of soaked florist foam in a wide fishbowl. Add small vegetables with stems and your choice of yellow, white, and orange flowers.

Carrot Door Hanger

Create a carrot-shaped bouquet using a floral cage arranger with soaked foam and a variety of silk orange flowers. Arrange the flowers from the bottom upwards, finishing with faux greenery at the top.

Elegant Golden Eggs

Use a gold leaf kit to cover hard-boiled eggs in adhesive, then in gold foil. Buff each egg with cheesecloth and cover with sealer.

Cute Bunny Bags

Fill a paper lunch bag halfway with Easter candy or small toys, tie a string around the middle, and cut the top vertically. Tie off the separated sides, twist them into bunny ears, and glue a cotton ball onto the bottom.

Egg Carton Planters

Line produce cartons with tissue paper, add a potted spring plant like violets, and tie pipe cleaners onto the carton to make them portable. Personalize with guests' names on a small piece of card stock glued onto a straw.

Rustic Christian Table Display

Drape a rectangular wooden planter with a banner that says "He Is Risen" and fill it with newspaper or packing peanuts. Cover the top with faux moss and rocks, then form slender short sticks and wider sticks into three crosses, tying them in the middle.

Resurrection Garden

Fill an oblong or circular terra cotta planter with soil, place a sturdy brown moon-shaped arch one-third of the way back, and add small stones, plants, and a figurine of Jesus or an angel.

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