10 Tips for Easter Home Decor

During the Easter season, you may want to decorate your home to reflect your joy of the holiday season. One beautiful way to do this would be to include some artificial trees and silk plants in your Easter home decor.

Here are some ideas to include faux greenery in your Easter home decor:

Select Planters with Neutral Tones

When you include flowers in your home decor, you don't want the colors and brightness of their petals to be overshadowed. So, choosing wooden or slate- colored planters will allow your Easter blooms to take center stage. Another neutral option would be to choose natural materials (like jute or raffia) as planters.

Maintain a Theme

One trending element of home design is consistency. So, when you decorate your home for Easter this year, choose an element that you'll intentionally include in every room. For example, you might display arrangements of lilies in every room. Or, you can choose a theme Easter color like pink, yellow or purple. Place an artificial plant or accessory in that color in each room; to help perpetuate the theme.

Choose Silk Orchids

One of the showiest Easter flowers is the orchid. Artificial flowers are always an excellent addition to use with your Easter decor. The Phalaenopsis orchid symbolizes the energy of Mother Earth- which is a timely theme for Easter. Selecting a faux Phalaenopsis orchid from Nearly Natural would enhance your Easter home decor.

Add a Moss Wall

One recent Easter home decor trend is a moss wall. These bright green natural additions instantly convey a natural spirit to any room. Nearly Natural has several silk moss walls to choose from. This would set the stage for adding other touches of silk greenery throughout your home.

Wallpapered Bookcase with Mini Plants

This is an idea that adds a lot of floral elements to a room. Use a bookcase with glass doors. Apply brightly patterned floral wallpaper to the inside walls of the bookcase. To extend the natural theme for Easter, place some small fake potted plants on the shelves. You can also place a pair of taller artificial plants on either side of the bookcase.

Hanging Plants In The Porch

Your porch can be the bridge between your home and your yard. During the Easter season, it's the ideal time to add natural elements to your home decor. Hanging some breezy baskets of faux green ferns inside the confines of your porch will be a worthy welcome for the Easter season. You can also sprinkle a few other potted faux ferns around the porch.

Elevate Your Mantle

As you revamp your home decor for the Easter season, don't forget to add springtime elements to your mantle.

Use some decorative white ceramic planters, and display some upwardly arching greenery, like these faux bird of paradise plants. Their upward trajectory will provide you with beauty; and also evokes the spirit of the resurrection.

Vertical Garden

This tip is for your yard. While adding Easter-themed decor indoors, don't forget your backyard. Find an unadorned wall and lean a rustic wooden palette against it. Select some springlike silk potted plants and secure them to the slats of the pallet. Choose breezy plants that are in tune with the Easter spirit.

Use a Display Cart

Use a rolling cart against an undecorated wall and fill it full of spring plants. You can redo this cart with different faux plants every season. For Easter, you can stand a row of old faded green cola bottles on the tip shelf and display bright faux daffodils in the bottles. On the bottom shelf you can display pots full of fake daisies, hyacinths or lilies.

Corner Console Table

At the corners of each of your rooms, you have an opportunity to create a focal point. During the Easter season, you can add some elements of faux greenery. On the wall, you can hang an artificial olive wreath. These versatile wreaths are the most popular faux plants sold by Nearly Natural. On the half-moon console table, you can display some pretty pink silk flowers, in white ceramic planters. In the center of the table, you can feature a bowl full of pastel-colored plastic eggs or a miniature bunny.

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