6 Ways Artificial Plants Make Your Life Easier

Let’s face it: we all love having plants and flowers around the house, but we aren’t always so good at keeping them around. Allergies, vacations, pets, and constant watering…we all try as hard as we can to keep a little bit of nature around the house, but life happens, and, sadly, our plants aren’t quite so understanding. However, we think we have a few solutions to make your new life with artificial plants oh so much easier. Check it out:

Low Maintenance = Free Time

Trust us… we know that you’ve got more than enough to deal with around the house. Kids, pets, work, cleaning…they all need plenty of attention (and don’t forget to care of yourself!). Add in watering all of your indoor and outdoor plants, finding the perfect humidity and sunlight, and pruning (which can take half the day!), and it can get to be too much quickly. All of our artificial plants look great inside and out, and your toughest task of the day is deciding where to position them for your latest Instagram post. Bring on the free time!

Quality is Everything

The days of tacky, poorly made artificial flowers and plants are thankfully long gone. High-end materials, realistic styling, subtle details and gorgeous planters have made our faux arrangements worthy of showcasing in your home or patio. We have professional horticulturists and top artists collaborating to produce exquisitely lifelike plants, including the slight imperfections that all live plants have. You put a lot of time, money, and heart into making your home and yard beautiful. And, don’t forget, these stay perfectly vibrant and fresh-looking for as long as you want to display them.

Toxic Environment

You may not realize this, but many of our household plants and flowers are poisonous to both kids and pets. Every year, thousands of children and animals ingest toxic plants, leading to illness and even death. Gorgeous flowers like oleander and lilies, and super popular green plants like ivy, philodendron, and pothos are some of the worst offenders…even the soil they live in or the water that may run off can harbor these toxins. Get the look without the fear with faux versions of these beautiful but dangerous plants.

All About Variety

With any seasonal change comes different décor, and this is one situation where fake flowers and plants really show their value and versatility. Imagine having autumnal wreaths, holiday centerpieces, and colorful spring arrangements just waiting to transform your home, instead of running out to the florist every few weeks. Gradually building a collection of artificial plants, flowers, and trees to be mixed and matched gives you a versatile and convenient variety of vibrant plants to display at a moment’s notice. Did we mention free time?

On the Road Again

You made all your plans, hotel is booked, dogs are in the kennel, and you actually remembered your ticket and passport this time. Did you forget something? Coming back to a home full of dying, thirsty plants can put quite a damper on the moment you come home. A collection of artificial plants and flowers, however, will meet you at the door with all of the vibrance and beauty that you left them with. Also, you can throw a few in the trunk or luggage, and bring them along to give your hotel room or summer cabin a boost of color. Either way, you can get around to doing what you should be doing on vacation…relaxing.

Be Truly Home for the Holidays

Holidays are there to make the most out of moments with family and friends. And you can do that…after, of course, you’ve finished all the cleaning, cooking, and gift shopping. Give the first gift of the season to yourself, and make your holiday decorating a breeze with an incredible variety of artificial wreaths, garlands, and centerpieces. Imagine grabbing perfect Easter lilies out of storage while the kids hunt for candy, or putting up (and breaking down!) an exquisite pre-lit Christmas tree without the inflated prices, long lines, daily watering or sweeping up needles; decorating the tree is the best part, and now you’ll have time to do it. With an enormous variety of seasonal choices, you can have a rotating selection ready to go for any occasion. And, if you’re traveling to see family, they make an ideal last-minute gift. Have a perfectly decorated home throughout the holiday season, year after year, and be present for all of the memories.

How do you feel about artificial trees and flowers? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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