7 Christmas Tree Color Schemes You Should Try

Christmas doesn’t have to be all red and green. Interior designers and amateur home decorators alike are branching out into a new range of color themed Christmas trees. From pink and gold to jewel toned to orange and red, there’s a color scheme to fit every personal style, home type, and mood. 

Here are 6 Christmas tree color schemes beyond red and green that you should try:

Jewel Toned

If you’re ready to take a big step away from the traditional red and green of Christmas, decorate your tree with a jewel toned color scheme. Think rich emerald, deep amethyst, and mustard gold.

Amp up the shine with metallic-finished Christmas bulbs in a range of jewel tones. Or, go mod with opaque ornaments in coordinating jewel colors. You can also invoke the idea of jewels with bulbs, garlands, chains, and icicles that fill your tree with shiny baubles of all shapes and sizes. 


All White (flocked tree)

If you’re looking for a traditional, elegant holiday style for your home, try an all white Christmas tree color scheme. Layer white ornaments of varying sizes alongside white garlands and white bows. Another option is to use white Christmas bulbs only, to create a unified and simplified look. Amp up the all white theme by layering your white ornaments on a flocked Christmas tree. Continue the all-white color scheme throughout your entire home, or use it as the steady centerpiece of an otherwise multi-colored room. 


Silver and Gold 

Get luxe with a silver and gold color themed Christmas tree. Mix gold poinsettias, silver stars, and gold and silver glass ornaments for an overall sparkle effect. You can also keep this luxury look simple, by arranging small gold and silver ornaments of varying material (wood, metal, glass) then wrapping it all up in a garland of gold tulle for a 24K finish.

This Christmas tree color scheme looks especially decadent in an older home, or one with a rich interior wood design. A roaring fireplace will add to this royal theme. 


Blue and Silver

Brighten things up with a blue and silver Christmas tree. This is a popular theme, so it’s easy to find boxes of blue and silver ornaments you buy as a set. Layer them with silver ribbons and white and blue Christmas lights for an added twinkle of color. For the blue color, choose from a deep navy blue or a lighter baby blue. As an alternative to blue, teal also looks bright and modern when mixed with silver. 


The blue and silver Christmas tree color scheme works especially well in Mid-Century Modern homes (especially if you use retro-looking silver tinsel) or homes with white interior paint. 


Pink and Gold

Yes, Christmas can look pretty in pink! Choose light pink hued glass ornaments and pair them with gold Christmas balls. Add in artificial pink poinsettias or roses to add texture and a bit of botanics. Warm white Christmas lights create the right sparkle to accentuate the pink and gold theme. 

Get glam with bright or neon pink ornaments arranged alongside matte gold bulbs. Or, take a different approach with a pink artificial tree decked out in gold ornaments, garland, and lights.



Embrace the maximalism trend with a multicolor themed Christmas tree. Create visual interest with a completely covered tree, using ornaments and lights in various colors. Tie the look together by opting for all shiny ornaments or an all-matte finish. 

The multicolor Christmas tree scheme is also good for those with an eclectic mix of ornaments collected from childhood, foreign travels, and Black Friday deals. Go all in on the diversity of colors, shapes, sizes, and styles, creating a joyful tree that guests will love to explore.


Orange and Red

For a rustic Christmas feel, fill your tree with orange and red decorations. Dried oranges paired with wooden red ball garland and ornaments in the shapes of animals, mittens, skis, and trees. Warm white lights make this theme extra cozy and comforting. 

Orange and red Christmas trees feel exceptionally festive in cabins or in older homes. But anyone looking to create a woodsy atmosphere should explore this Christmas tree color scheme.  

Bonus Option: The Classic Red and Green

Don’t worry if you just can’t seem to break up with the traditional red and green holiday color scheme. It’s a classic for a reason - these colors are sure to get you in the Christmas spirit! 

Mix up the red by using fabrics and patterns like velvet or tartan. Traditional sprigs of holly up the red and green quotient and increase your tree’s textural interest. Shiny green ornaments mixed with red garland and ribbon is another way to approach this classic color scheme. And don’t forget that red and green decorations really stand out when arranged on a flocked Christmas tree. 


Choose a Christmas Tree Color Scheme to Impress this Holiday Season

Decorate like the professionals by choosing a color theme for your holiday look this year. Choosing and sticking to a theme on your Christmas tree and throughout your entire home is an easy way to tie everything together and make guests think you hired an interior designer to decorate your space. The uniformity also creates a feeling of cohesion and peace - the perfect combination for the holiday season. 

Start by selecting the perfect style and size artificial Christmas tree for your home. Then, shop for decorations with your color scheme in mind. Put it all together, pour some mulled wine or hot apple cider, and enjoy your most relaxing and cozy Christmas yet.

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