7 Incredible Ideas on How to Decorate a Farmhouse Coffee Table

The coffee table decor of your living room can make or break the atmosphere of the space and all its occupants. A coffee table that's plain and boring may not appeal to anyone who visits your home, but neither will an overly decorated coffee table. So how do you decorate a farmhouse coffee table? What are some of the best ways to make it enjoyable without distracting? Here are seven tips and tricks to help you get started on the decorating process straight from our leading interior designers with 20+ years of experience in décor ideas.

1. Add Flower Arrangements to Your Small Farmhouse Coffee Table

If you're a little tired of the typical coffee table decor, we've got great news: adding a silk flower arrangement to your small farmhouse coffee table is easier than you think. Pairing flowers with your coffee table add some lovely color and a piece of nature that can make any room feel more lively. You can go with traditional vases or go trendy with something like the Dancing Lady Liquid Illusion Floral Arrangement.

The best part about using silk flowers is that they don't need to be watered, so you'll never have to worry about spills or bugs when you're entertaining. Besides, silk plants or silk flowers are also perfect for those who don't have green thumbs! Combining a small farmhouse coffee table with floral arrangements is one of the best ways to bring some life into your home.

2. Experiment with Different Plant Heights

Plants can add a refreshing splash of green color to any room and bring a bit of the outdoors indoors. But one thing that gets in the way of adding a plant to your home or office is its height. They are perfect for farmhouse coffee table décor.

What if you don't have room in your apartment for large fake trees? Or what if you don't want to block the light that comes through your window? We recommend experimenting with varying heights for those who think they don't have space for plants because they're too tall.

You could try positioning some plants on top of shelves or bookcases, so they don't take up as much floor space. Or try hanging some plants from the ceiling using macrame which is a great way to add height without taking up space on the floor.

3. House Your Artificial Plant in a Rustic Basket

The carefully crafted Rustic Basket is perfect for house artificial plants, floral, and succulents. Handcrafted from hand-woven rattan with a warm, textured look and a wide opening for maximum planting space. The petite white rim adds a crisp accent to the basket's natural feel. With its classic design, this planter will add organic charm to any home decor

This basket is the perfect accessory for any artificial plant, whether small or large. The basket is a small natural brown rattan basket with a plastic lining.

Lined with a basket to protect the basket lining and provide water protection, this is a great option for outdoor spaces as well. The weave design on the outside of the basket will add a rustic touch anywhere in your home that you place it.

4. Create a Center Focal Point with Artificial Arrangements

If you're looking for colorful additions to your outdoor or indoor space, this artificial Phalaenopsis orchid arrangement is the perfect piece. Standing 30 inches tall, this gorgeous greenery features a cluster of colorful blooms accented with bright orange mini roses and wonderful green leaves that complement the white stoneware vase it's displayed in. Brighten up the corners of your home with this vibrant ornamental plant.

This 27" phalaenopsis orchid arrangement gets set in a stunning stoneware vase, complete with moss and river rocks that add natural appeal. With two stunning phalaenopsis blooms, it brings botanical beauty to your space with no maintenance.

5. Add Mini Plants to Your Small Coffee Table

Add natural texture and life to your room with this mixed succulent artificial plant or fake trees. Create a seamless transition to the outdoors inside your living space, featuring four different varieties of earth-toned succulents inspired by Los Angeles, California, bringing a touch of the desert to your area. Consider displaying your plants inside of a square white ceramic base.

With four different shapes, textures and colors, and soft lighting provided by the weathered wooden pot in which they are planted, these artificial succulents will enhance your living space. Set of 4 mini artificial plants add a pop of color to a small coffee table/end table.

6. Don't Forget to Style Underneath the Table

Decorating a farmhouse coffee table seems simple, but it can be tough to master. You want to create a welcoming aesthetic, not too busy or cluttered, and not so sparse as to look under-done. So if you're struggling with this design challenge, we have a suggestion: don't forget to style underneath the table!

This can be as simple as adding a rug under your table or even just putting down something to protect your flooring. If you want to take it a step further, consider adding some potted plants or other decorative items to add visual interest and depth to the space.

7. Incorporate a mix of artificial plants in different planter sizes

Add a touch of nature to your living space with a combination of artificial plants in various planter sizes. Our farmhouse coffee table already has some greenery, but we're going to add three different faux plants, each in its planter, to make the look feel more natural and complete. Of course, you always want to decorate in odd numbers; this is known as the rule of three.

Incorporating other greenery adds depth and interest to your decor. And since our farmhouse coffee table is so simple, adding these plants really brings a sense of warmth and coziness to the space.

Final Word

Most coffee tables have become favorites of traditional farmhouse decor. They get used mainly as end tables in a living room, the center table in the dining room, and often used as a lampstand. However, because of their large height, we can also place them underneath a wall shelf to create a display space that is both functional and decorative.

These are a few ideas for putting your touch on your newest piece of living room furniture. And if you need some solid refresher instruction, check our latest tutorials.

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