8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying a Fake Pothos Plant

Artificial plants are an easy and affordable way to bring a splash of nature to your home. One of the most popular types of silk plants is the Pothos plants.

Their plentiful wide, green leaves allow Pothos plants to be equally attractive when displayed in a horizontal planter or a hanging basket. Pothos are recognized for their accent colors; white, golden or red veins transform the plainness of their leaves and allow them to complement a wide variety of color schemes.

Silk Pothos plants don't need pruning, weeding or other maintenance. Artificial plants like Pothos are made so they can be kept looking clean and natural with a quick wipe from a damp cleansing cloth or duster. This need for less maintenance is a plus that will appeal to anyone who is busy. (And, aren't we all?)

Here are eight reasons why silk Pothos plants are a great choice:

1. Heart Shaped Leaves

Although the leaves of Pothos plants are small, the heart shapes of the leaves will bring a subliminal aura of romance to any room where it is displayed.

2. Easy to Use Adapt to Many Configurations

The stems of faux plants are easy to bend. Faux Pothos leaves are easy to arrange in a smooth and attractive arrangement. If you purchase a sufficient group of Pothos plants, you can easily form them into a stylish living wall.

3. They are Perfect For "Scandi" Decor Themes

If your room and its furniture is based on Scandinavian designs, a planter or basket of these heart-shaped leaves will be the perfect choice for a minimalist decor.

4. Child and Pet Safe

Artificial Pothos plants have the advantage of being safe for pets or children. If pets chew on the leaves or children ingest them, there are no toxins that would harm them. Artificial Pothos plants are also a good choice for someone with allergies.

5. Positive Feng Shui

Because of their prolific leaves, the Pothos plant removes dark and negative energy from any dark or unused areas of your home. The bright green of its leaves is augmented by the variegated colors of its accents to allow silk Pothos plants to infuse your home with energy.

6. Long Lasting

Instead of flourishing for a limited time, as do natural plants, fake Pothos plants will last for an infinite time. Your initial investment in these silk plants will easily be justified because they will always give you the same authentically natural appearance for an indefinite time period.

7. Affordable

Not only are artificial plants sold at affordable prices, those costs are further justified by their longevity. Once you buy one or more beautiful silk Pothos plants, they will always retain their authentic appearance and grace your home with their natural appearance.

8. Good for Places Natural Plants Can't Go

Certain parts of your home can attract too much sunlight or be too close to your heater. These elements would cause a natural plant to wilt or fade. You can easily place a faux Pothos plant in those places; they will give you the natural look you want without being negatively effected by too much heat or light.

By choosing a versatile faux Pothos plant, you are making a selection that will decorate and enhance your home decor for many years to come.

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