8 Tips for How To Decorate a Black Christmas Tree 2022

You may be dreaming of a white Christmas, but perhaps your personal taste leads you to pick a black Christmas tree. Maybe your style is all about goth, or you want the quirkiness of a black Christmas tree. If a black Christmas tree is what you want, we have a wide selection of beautiful black silky trees to accommodate your every need.

At Nearly Natural, we have over 75 years of natural plant experience - we know how to make artificial trees look just like the real thing. Our trees don't just look natural; they feel natural, too. The branches are bendable and feel like natural pine or fir branches. The trunks of the trees look natural, too.

And - by the way - it's not too early to order your tree now. The holiday season will soon be here, and you can beat the December shopping rush and take advantage of our everyday low prices - see our complete artificial tree selection.

While you're at it, take this opportunity to stock up on beautifully color-coordinated Christmas ornaments and accessories to make the perfect holiday statement.

But, let's get back to those black Christmas trees. Black is a dramatic color, and a black silk holiday tree will bring elegance to any room. Why not go with this bold, unique color? A beautiful black faux Christmas tree could be exactly what your home needs for the holidays, and it's sure to be the talk of any of your Christmas gatherings. And since these silk trees will not lose their leaves, you can keep them up all year long and change their ornaments. Learn more about our black Christmas trees.

If you've decided on a black Christmas tree, here are eight tips for how to bring off the perfect look with your unique black Christmas tree:

1. Decorate with red LED lights

This one is perfect in its simplicity. Think of a grey matte wall with small wooden sconces, dimly lighting the room. In the corner is a tall, stately black silk tree; decorated only with tiny red twinkling LED lights. Nearlynatural.com has a perfect set of 50 red LED lights and several other sizes and colors of holiday lights. This style is as whimsical as Black Forest cookies with maraschino cherries on top. You could even take this look up a notch with ghostly Goth accents such as tiny black bat cut-outs. suspended by thin black threads or faux cobwebs hung on the tree instead of tinsel. You can have some spooky fun with this and let it cast a spell on your room.

2. Hang a wreath

Maybe you like the idea of a black tree but don't want to put up a whole tree? Perhaps you don't have enough room for a tree? Then, hang a wreath! The team at Nearly Natural has a large selection of wreaths, including black Hallowe'en-themed wreaths with gnarly skulls and bones or adorable ghosts and bats. A beautiful black artificial wreath could set the right mood to decorate your home or be the perfect companion for that black Christmas tree.

3. Mix white snowflakes & transparent ball ornaments

A stately, black silk Christmas tree can look as if it's outdoors with the use of precision-cut white snowflake ornaments. Snowflake ornaments can be identical or individualized (like real snowflakes). You won't want to take anything away from that lovely sight, so make your ornaments transparent. You can get transparent ball ornaments all of the same size, or vary them - as if they are champagne bubbles!

4. Gold and Silver with artificial branches

Keep the unique black branches of the tree and its black-velvet-like appearance, but soften the Goth-like appearance by festooning it with gold and silver ornaments, silver faux branches, and silver netting. It is an elegant and upscale look and would be perfect for an outdoor tree.

5. Tiny Lights

You can evoke a starry night by stringing only tiny silver, gold, or white lights through the tree branches. It will say "Silent Night" without speaking a word. And when the lights in the room are out, the tree's small twinkling lights will cast a serene spell on any room.

6. Bold and Beautiful

Take the beauty of the black foliage and adorn it with metallic round ornaments in varying sizes of purple, fuchsia, and teal. You can enhance this further with blue or purple butterflies, rose-colored hearts, or crystal angels. Add the finishing touches of plum or gold pendant ornaments. It's romantic and colorful.

7. Ombre

This tree's top is sprayed solid white with artificial snow - as if a snowfall had just enveloped the tree. The white "snow" color (including solid white ornaments) continues down the length of the tree; fading slowly into white speckles; as it reaches the bottom. The tree has solid black ornaments on the bottom tiers of branches. The effect is startling - and if you like, you can continue the theme by wrapping all your presents in black and white.

8 Modern Alphabet Tree

This tree would be perfect for an elementary classroom or a library. The ornaments are thin silver or white silk circles, with large initials on each one. Since the branches are black, it's as if the letters are on a chalkboard. It's a charming look, and you can be pretty sure there isn't another one like it in your neighborhood.

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