Airbnb Decor - A Complete Guide to Decorating your Airbnb

Congratulations on your Airbnb investment. It's no secret that scaling any investment is a huge accomplishment and one that deserves support. We're here to share the top Airbnb décor ideas for Airbnb room decorations, so you have one less worry when designing your new Airbnb rental. Décor for Airbnb is a bit tricky where you have to consider nuisances you wouldn't have to consider in otherwise personal spaces. So think about the budgets, furniture quality, and themes to support your area and maximize your earnings potential. We've helped many Airbnb rental investors decorate homes around the country at an affordable price. At Nearly Natural we offer the largest selection of artificial greenery in the USA. Designed by horticulturists with experience in the live plant industry, we feel confident that our natural choices will last without maintenance. Learn the secrets from people who've done this before and excelled, plus the mistakes they'd avoid again.

Airbnb Decorating Tips Before You Begin

Before you begin, remember to set a budget first while staying mindful of the size of the space you're decorating. A small cottage and a sizeable Orlando-style home will have different needs and budgets. Once you set a budget, measure your area, this is crucial, so you don't deal with often expensive and time-consuming exchanges. By putting these realistic expectations early on, you avoid wasting time, and as they say, time is money. As the saying goes, "when it rains, it pours," think of these tips as an umbrella for all of your décor Airbnb . The more you plan, the better it will be in the long run.

The great news about decorating is that there's no right or wrong answer. This depends on all the different needs particular to your space. For example, if you're trying to target families, consider adding kid-friendly finishes and touches such as a booster chair and child lock features. On the other hand, if your space is more beachy and fun, consider renting or offering complimentary canoes or beach chairs. But plan to have peace of mind and get the big-ticket items out of the way.

Don't Over do Your Decor Theme

And with themes comes the decision of going overboard with one theme versus mixing and matching with another one. Both have their benefits, but it's something to consider if the style is essential to you. And always remember things come up; you have to adapt at a moment's notice and change some aspects of the décor. Try to set aside some funds just in case an issue arrives that requires you to pivot and change the strategy. Being open with your design allows you to change as often as you need and be flexible with the correct expectations.

Set a Budget Ahead of Time

This is probably one of the most important numbers to keep in mind when decorating for your Airbnb rental. Because you want to run a successful business with a positive balance sheet, think about how you can stick to this budget. Consider your customer if you're looking for high-quality furniture versus more affordable furniture. The higher the fee, the expectation tends to be elevated. We can't say a specific budget for your space because that depends but consider a minimum of $1000 per large room; this is on the lower end of budgets. Look for quality furniture at premium prices for a more luxurious Airbnb rental.

Decorate for Your Audience

Getting to know your audience is ideal for you to yield the best results possible. While you can appeal to everyone, knowing your hook to capture the best guests for your specific space is better. To identify this, look for other rentals using the same zip code, see their price point, look at the Airbnb décor, and ask yourself – is it quality or more affordable? This can help you create a unique value proposition for your ideal client and give you an edge over the competition. You'll become the top renter in your area in no time.

Make it Personal!

Some people love being at home and have a fear of not sleeping in their bed, and it's understandable. However, adding those little personal touches is essential in creating the most comfortable experience for your guests. Those gestures go a long way towards making a welcoming environment for all. Some of those mini touches may include adding a faux plant or silk flowers to liven the space with hints of the season. For example, consider a silk Christmas tree that illuminates the season's vibrant colors and makes your guests feel at home during the holidays.

Decorate Your Amenities Basket

There's no better way to greet guests than with an amenities basket or a goodies bag. It's unexpected and goes a long way in leaving a long-lasting impression. Think about adding small potted plants, flowers, and maybe a bottle of wine or candies; these minor items are a great way to thank all the guests. Consider leaving it in the kitchen with a small, handwritten note if possible, many Airbnb owners fail to do this, but by adding this message, you'll be remembered for your hospitality.

Add a Gallery Wall

With the emergence of Instagram, the younger generation is more inclined to choose places with a social media backdrop and that photograph well. Because of this, we recommend an artificial wall mat that never needs maintenance. Known as a living wall, these trendy wall mats are perfect to complement any area in need of some more life. Check out these lifelike living walls for more inspiration.

Pick a Design Theme for Your Home

artificial plant in a white planter decorated in a corner in a living room


Defined by clean lines, a touch of rustic plus a bit of nature, farmhouse is an excellent theme for when you crave an escape but still want to feel those homey vibes. Perfect for those more isolated areas, it's also popular with millennials and young families. We recommend farmhouse décor for families and millennials that care about aesthetics. This style is perfect for Airbnb because it's homey, and the pieces get better with age, just as a fine wine.


If your place is more urban than rural, consider a modern décor style to please your guests. Perfect for those younger bachelor and friend trips, current tends to capture the attention of those seeking a high-end yet luxurious vacation. You should consider this theme if your target audience tends to be younger and hip.


One of the most popular styles in terms of growth, you can't go wrong with minimalist. Especially if you're pressed for time and looking for a clean, sleek look without breaking the bank, this is the perfect décor scheme for you. Consider it for affordable places and those high-end ones with guests that have an eye for design.


Perfect for more loft-style and modern high-rises, industrial is modern with a rustic touch, characterized by high ceilings and sleek finishes, creating a space for those visitors seeking a more refined look. Think of boutique urban hotels and the type of clients in those and those high-end coffee shops in trendy cities.

An industrial-looking living area with dark oak table decorated in the middle of the room
A bohemian-looking bedroom with king sized


Bohemian décor is becoming more and more popular because of the carefree lifestyle. But it doesn't have to be messy or eclectic; you can add hints of boho in any area and even combine it with different styles. For example, macrame makes for a great touch in any space, especially smaller ones needing more space and storage. Nothing adds hints of boho more than a touch of nature and faux trees because they allow us to relax and enjoy the scenery.

How to Decorate an Airbnb Apartment

Once you have a style you like, decide how to execute this trend best. For example, let's say you choose a farmhouse-inspired space, make a list of all the items you're missing, and where you can find them. Next, we recommend setting the budget based on the space and size to decorate for. The larger the area, the higher the budget should be. Finally, because you'll want to cover your bases in case of a misstep, always allocate 10% more of what you think you'll need. This can serve as a cushion if something comes up.

Decorate Small Spaces With Artificial Hanging Plants

We know some of you might be renting a condo, townhouse, or another space on the smaller side; we recommend adding artificial hanging plants to save valuable real estate. Once you add hanging plants, the best part is they require zero maintenance! It's a win-win for you and your guests.

How to Jazz up Your Apartment Patio with Outdoor Plants

Outdoor plants are some of the best ways to create that curb appeal that defines many guests' stay. The porch is the best thing guests see upon arrival, so it's crucial to create those good vibes. Because you might have some landscaping, and let's face it, these costs can add up, and depending on the guests; they might ruin your space. This is why outdoor turf and outdoor plants are great for any outdoor space. We recommend adding them to the front of your area or your balcony for privacy.

How to Decorate an Airbnb House

A living room area decorated with artificial plants from Nearly Natural

For an Airbnb house, your focus should be on making the space feel cozy and homey. Because homes tend to be a bit bigger than apartments, consider purchasing enough furniture to satisfy the needs of the intended guests. As we mentioned earlier, this depends on who you're targeting because this specific guest has unique requirements. For example, a family has different needs than a group of friends. This is where you ultimately have to make the decision.

Add Large Outdoor Planters

If you're looking for a more upscale and luxurious experience, consider large outdoor planters to house any faux tree and recreate the look of the most inspirational hotels from around the world. Consider mixing different finishes and textures for an elevated look.

Add a Faux Olive Tree

If you want to elevate the experience, add the most popular tree on the internet, the artificial olive tree. Especially with millennials and Gen Z, guests will want to take images of the tree and show it off to their friends on social media; this will create free PR for your business and lead to a low cost of acquisition for new guests. As they say, word-of-mouth is the best form of marketing, and nothing beats your guests spreading the word about your trendy space.


How to Decorate an Airbnb Bedroom

Decorating Airbnb bedrooms are an essential part and one of the most crucial. Think about adding bunk beds, kings in the master, and double twins in the other rooms. Consider a larger bed for the more oversized bedroom, and for the smaller rooms, perhaps a bunk bed to save valuable real estate. We recommend looking at other rentals in the area for how to decorate the bedrooms best.

Add Floor Plants

To bring a sense of nature and create an oasis, consider adding faux floor plants. Because you won't have the time to keep watering and caring for live florals, it's essential to look into artificial greenery as décor. Your guests will appreciate nature, but it also gives the allure of a high-end hotel. Consider complimentary silk flowers for this space to enhance the tree's look and add some vibrancy with Airbnb room decorations.

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