The Complete History and Meaning of April's Birthflower: Daisies

With spring finally settled in, Mother Nature’s beauty seems to know no bounds! Thankfully, the month’s birth flower, the Daisy, it the perfect herald for the season with its playful coloring and dainty-like design and today we’re shedding a little light on this multifaceted floral.

April's Birthflower: Daisies

Easily recognized for their delicate white petals and buttery-yellow centers, the daisy represents innocence, purity, and fertility - making it the perfect flower for Spring. It’s the simplicity of its design and purity of its palette that it epitomized the childlike beauty that spring and its blooms inspire.

April's Birthflower: Daisies

According to Roman myth, Vertumnus (the god of seasons) fell in love with Belides (a nymph) and fearless chased her until she turned herself into a daisy to escape his pursuits; no surprise that the daisy soon took on the meaning of chastity and transformation. In fact, the daisy’s Latin name “Bellis” is derived from the inconsolable forest nymph.

April's Birthflower: Daisies

During the time of knighthood, suitors would sport a daisy while women would incorporate some part of the flower to their mementos to convey their availability; once she responded to her propose, a ring (or modern day’s flower crown) of daisies would adorn her head proclaiming her response.

April's Birthflower: Daisies

There are several variations of daisy including the three most popular: Shasta Daisies recognized for their iconic white petals and butter yellow centers; their African cousins that grow shorter to the ground and flaunt multi-colored florals; and friendly Gerbera daisies renowned for their brightly colored, rainbow-hued florals - making the later the 5th most popular flower in the world after the rose, carnation, chrysanthemum, and tulip.

April's Birthflower: Daisies

The word “Daisy” was thought to come from the variation “day’s eye” because of the flower’s behavior of closing at night and opening upon the morning’s light. So, when you tell someone they look ‘fresh as a daisy’ it’s means they had a good night’s sleep.

The Meaning of April's Birthflower: Daisies

If you have any close friends of loved ones who are celebrating an April birthday, indulge them with one of our daisy plants or arrangements for a permanent touch of faux-ever lasting florals.

For more inspiration head over to our Pinterest Board dedicated to April's birth flower.

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