Best Artificial Bamboo Plants for Your Patio

Bamboo is pretty hot right now, adorning many modern indoor and outdoor spaces. Looking for the perfect faux bamboo plant for your patio? Look no further: our wide selection of fake bamboo plants has you covered. 

Decorating with bamboo has become very popular, especially for homeowners looking to put a slight tropical twist on their decor. Fake bamboo offers all of the aesthetic benefits without any of the live plant care and upkeep. Learn more about our best faux bamboo picks for your patio!

Benefits of Fake Bamboo: Why You Should Go Nearly Natural 

The first thought you may have is, “Why not just buy a real bamboo plant?” Like most live plants, bamboo plants require a lot of care and maintenance. They have complex needs and are susceptible to drought, withering, and death. 

No Plant Care or Maintenance

Faux bamboo plants, on the other hand, don’t need much maintenance. You get to choose how and when you decorate with them. You never have to fret over water levels, soil, planters, or any other plant stressors. 

Lifelike Bamboo Beauty

Our gorgeous fake bamboo plants mimic the lifelike beauty of real ones without any of the hassle. This means you get a wonderful “evergreen” display of bamboo that you can pull out at any time of the year. 

Fixed Heights for Easy and Convenient Decorating 

If you nurtured a fresh live bamboo plant, you’d have to wait for it to grow. This can interfere with your other decor and make for an awkward aesthetic in the meantime. Artificial bamboo plants are forever your desired height. What’s more convenient for decorating than that?

UV Resistance 

Our artificial bamboo plants are resistant to sunlight, meaning they don’t fade or break down from UV exposure. A little UV resistance is extremely important for fake plants when you’re decorating outdoor spaces like your patio. When you choose Nearly Natural, you choose resilient, long-lasting faux bamboo that beautifies your space effortlessly. 

Find Your Perfect Faux Bamboo Plant 

How do you know which of our gorgeous artificial bamboo plants is right for you? We’re here to guide you through the selection process. While all of our options are versatile and high-quality, some of our bamboo plants may match your aesthetic better than others. 

You’ll want to consider a few different factors when choosing your perfect bamboo plant: your patio’s aesthetic, other decor (including live plants), and plant height preferences. 

Shorter Options for Artificial Bamboo Plants 

We have a wide selection of fake bamboo, so you can opt for any plant height you need. If you want shorter bamboo accent plants for your patio, we have you covered. 

A few of our best short faux bamboo plants include:

These fun-sized options give you plenty to work with without overwhelming family and guests with excess height. You can use these plants to frame your patio or decorate outdoor tableside structures. 

Tall and Luxurious Faux Bamboo Plants

The saying, “Go big or go home,” can certainly apply to bamboo plants. If you have a larger outdoor patio to decorate or simply want more height from your artificial plants, these options are perfect for you. 

Choose from our wide selection of tall and elegant bamboo plants:

Whether you’re going for a tropical aesthetic or curating a luxe outdoor spa area, these tall plants can help. Their UV resistance and soft-touch materials make decorating your patio a comfortable and convenient experience. 

Curating Your Patio Aesthetic With Bamboo

Bamboo is a very distinctive decor element. It will capture the eye without demanding too much focus or overwhelming the space. When you’re trying to curate a comfortable, friendly-looking outdoor atmosphere, bamboo is the way to go. 

As you choose your favorite Nearly Natural faux bamboo plants, consider your desired aesthetic. While every space is unique in some ways, you can match these plants to an overall theme for more cohesion and beauty. 


Natural World Aesthetic: Untrimmed Faux Wild Bamboo 

Our fake bamboo plants with less shapely leaves match your earthy, natural aesthetic. These are not trimmed to perfection and don’t feature much symmetry, which plays into a down-to-earth feel on your patio. 

If you want to cultivate natural-looking aesthetics in your outdoor spaces, opt for our medium-height bamboo plants. These will complement the rest of your earthy decor perfectly. 

Prim and Proper: Neat and Symmetrical Bamboo Plants

If you want a harmonious, uniform look for your patio, look no further. Our well-trimmed symmetrical bamboo plants will work best for you. You can choose from various heights, although our taller plants tend to offer a more cohesive look. 

Our taller silk bamboo trees contribute to a more modern patio aesthetic. They slightly resemble faux olive trees, which are taking social media by storm right now. 

Our grass and bamboo plants also offer symmetry without backing down from the natural aesthetic. If you want to blend the best of both worlds, check out our bamboo plants that incorporate fake grass. 

Fun Decorative Planters for Added Character

Maybe you want to incorporate some personal charm into your patio decor. No problem! Our various planters and stem designs ensure that you can do so without sacrificing your faux bamboo plant’s quality. 

From dark, sleek planters to wicker basket planters, we have options for every personal style. You can make your patio your own personal oasis while keeping the space classy, modern, and elegant. 

Decorate Your Patio With Nearly Natural Artificial Bamboo Plants

As the weather warms up, it’s time to start planning your outdoor decor. Bamboo plants are a great way to bring modern beauty to your patio. If you don’t want the upkeep of live bamboo, try a stunning Nearly Natural one instead. Choose from our wide selection of faux bamboo plants today!

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