Bring Harmony to Your Home With Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossom trees are classic, beautiful, and harmonious, you can choose from our wide variety of fake cherry blossom plants to bring those vibes to your home. From cherry blossom bonsais to spring cherry blossom wreaths, we have what you need. 

Redecorating your home can be a large undertaking. We’re here to guide you through the process so you can love your living space even more than before. Learn how to invite classic beauty into your spaces with our artificial cherry blossom plants. 

Seasonal Considerations for Cherry Blossoms

Real cherry blossoms start blooming in March and April. With our artificial cherry blossom trees, you can decorate your home with them any time of year. Whether you’re looking to spruce things up for spring or simply add feminine beauty year-round, cherry blossoms are the answer. 

Outdoor Cherry Blossom Trees: Spring and Summer

If you want to keep a cohesive seasonal rhythm for your decor, use cherry blossom bonsais and wreaths during spring and summer. You can set them out in mid-to-late March and keep them out until late April. This best mimics cherry blossom’s natural seasonal blooming patterns. 

Indoor Beautification: Cherry Blossoms During Warmer Months 

When decorating indoors, you have more wiggle room. If you want to enhance your interior spaces with cherry blossoms, display these plants during the warmer months. Remember that they may look out of place if you decorate with them during fall and winter. 

You can use cherry blossoms in vases for nightstands and coffee tables. That said, our cherry blossom bonsai trees and other freestanding plants work well in almost any area of your home. Use them to adorn your front door, living room, den, and bedrooms according to your wishes. 

Choosing the Right Faux Cherry Blossom Plants

When you choose Nearly Natural, you get the best in artificial cherry blossoms. We have a wide selection of these plants, so you can find what works best for your home. We offer everything from cherry blossom wreaths to cherry blossom bonsais. 

Cherry Blossom Door Wreaths

Wreaths are wonderful for creating a welcoming atmosphere around the entrance to your home. Our faux cherry blossom wreaths never go out of season, so they can adorn your front door all year long. 

Some of our best-selling cherry blossom wreaths include:

If you want your front door to be spring-themed with a feminine look, pink cherry blossom wreaths are the way to go. If light pink isn’t your thing, though, opt for our white cherry blossom wreaths instead. These will complement any exterior color scheme and front door.

Freestanding Cherry Blossom Trees 

Use our faux cherry blossom trees to decorate both the inside and outside of your home. They come in different heights and offer light, soft aesthetics for your home’s interior and exterior. Our gorgeous selection of freestanding cherry blossom trees includes:

When selecting the right height for your faux cherry blossom tree, consider a few factors: the size of your furniture, your home’s exterior dimensions, and other plants in the same space. Your cherry blossom trees should be proportional to other decorative elements around them, including real and fake plants. 

Adding a planter to the mix can bring cohesiveness and character to any room or outdoor area. If you want to create more depth in a space, choose one of our cherry blossom trees in decorative planters. 

Cherry Blossoms in Vases for Tables, Nightstands, and Countertops

Our cherry blossom vase arrangements are perfect for adding a touch of spring to the inside of your home. Whether you’re framing your bed with cheerful cherry blossoms or setting up a gorgeous coffee table centerpiece, our vase arrangements are the way to go. Some of our beautiful cherry blossom vase arrangements include:

Choosing a vase type is important for matching your overarching decor theme. For example, if you’re going for a luxe-elegant style, a white vase will best achieve this look. In contrast, glass vases are more down-to-earth, incorporating Southern charm and friendly aesthetics. 

For an arrangement with more depth that incorporates other flower types, opt for our Calla, Lily and Cherry Blossom Artificial Arrangement. If single-flower arrangements are too simplistic for your decor, this piece will add more textures and shapes to the mix. 

The Benefits of Choosing Artificial Cherry Blossoms: Why Go Nearly Natural? 

You know about our wide selection of gorgeous faux cherry blossom trees, but why are they better than natural plants? Real cherry blossom bonsai trees and arrangements require lots of work and upkeep. Consider the advantages of going with Nearly Natural instead.

No Water, Sunlight, or Soil Requirements

Our faux cherry blossom plants don’t require anything that real plants need. This means you don’t have to worry about sunlight, soil, or watering. You simply set them up in their designated place and watch them beautify your home.

Everlasting Cherry Blossom Beauty

Our cherry blossom bonsais, wreaths, and vase arrangements never die. They offer everlasting beauty for your home’s interior and exterior spaces. You can store them whenever you want and pull them back out each spring to refresh your home with friendly, charming decor. 

High-Quality Silk Flowers and Trees

We use the best materials to create long-lasting artificial plants and flowers. Our silk flowers and trees are soft to the touch and mimic the visuals of real plants. You get the best of both worlds: comfortable faux decor and lifelike aesthetics. 

Charm Your Guests With Harmonious Cherry Blossom Decor

As the heart of spring draws nearer, consider adding cherry blossom decor to your cart. Our quality cherry blossom trees, wreaths, and arrangements offer all you need for a gorgeous, feminine home. 

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