Buying Guide - Types of Palm Trees

Cycas Palm

There are many different types of palm trees. For example, the sago palm is native to the Japanese Islands of Ryukyu – where it's used as an ornamental plant and for the use of sago. One of the main features of this tree is its thick, textured trunk that gives it a distinct look. While technically, the cycas do not belong to the palm family, many people believe it is one because of their similarity. Therefore, when decorating with the faux cycas, we recommend adding them to a little nook – especially in coastal décor. Ranging in size from 3' to 7', we have an artificial palm tree for every space and dimension.

Golden Cane Palm

Native to Madagascar, the Caribbean, and Florida, the golden cane faux palm tree is a flowering plant with upward stems. Many people think of a tropical paradise when they see this tree because of its verdant, green look. However, while many people flock to it, it's important to remember this is also a great decorating piece because it can fill any bare corner in your space. For example, after buying all your furniture and rearranging it, we recommend looking for any area that looks bare or empty.

Traveler's Palm

A customer favorite and bestselling style is the – travelers palm tree. Its magnificent and striking look is a staple in South Florida. The foliage gives it a distinct look that's perfect for filling bare spaces and elevating any room by adding a tropical touch. When assembling these faux travelers, we recommend looking at the picture as a guide to better help you. The large glossy leaves create visual interest while the trunk adds symmetry. If you're craving the tropical looks in your outdoor areas, consider adding a few in your backyard for a summer party.

Kentia Palm

For those who love palm trees' tropical aura but live in places where it's impossible to grow them, the kentia is the perfect accent. They tend to grow in weather that other green, verdant plants cannot thrive. But, many people still prefer to go faux because the maintenance can be time-consuming. Native to the South Pacific, large palm fronds are symmetrical for visual interest. Some of our kentia palms are lush and full, whereas others are more contemporary and sparse.

Fan Palm

You probably recognize the fan palm because of its ruffled, texture-like appearance, native to Northern Mexico; this quirky palm is perfect for eclectic, mid-century, and Palm Springs-inspired décor. Unfortunately, it's ideal for dry climates – making it challenging to grow in most areas of the United States. Because of this, we recommend opting for a faux palm tree. Safe for outdoor spaces, you can enhance the look of these areas by adding a few to an area that needs a bit more color and texture.

Our best selling palm trees

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This regal, stately Travelers Palm Tree is the perfect way to bring some tropical goodness anywhere you wish (even to your patio in cold weather!) Fully UV resistant, this lush re-creation sports six stalks, ending in beautiful palm leaves, and is ideal for both indoor or outdoor decorating. Great for both home and office, it'll never need water, and makes a fine gift as well.

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Want to add a creative touch to your home or office without spending a fortune? This grand-style Paradise palm is sure to do the trick. Standing 7 feet tall, this stately beauty adds life to any décor. Twenty-one natural-looking fronds embellish this gorgeous tree from head to toe. Each frond is carefully crafted with a lush mix of wispy feathery-shaped leaves and guaranteed to provide years of hassle-free beauty.

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One of the finest silk palm trees we offer, this six-and-a-half-foot Golden Cane Palm tree will have you feeling like you are always on vacation. Standing a full 78" high, the multiple trunks sport 333 palm leaves, just waiting to dance in the warm tropical breezes. Perfect for any room or office décor, this majestic palm tree will create a sunny atmosphere wherever you place it.

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Kickback and reminisce of a warm day at the beach no matter the current weather with this stunningly natural Paradise palm. A full 6 feet tall, this tree will have you daydreaming of the warm sand under your feet. A total of fifteen fronds grace this tropical beauty, each decorated with an abundance of thin feathery leaves. Best of all, this carefree creation will maintain its healthy appearance without water or sunlight. Inspired by nature and assembled in the USA from high-quality materials, this faux paradise palm tree is incredibly lifelike. It was designed and approved by horticulturists who ensure the best quality to capture nature's art.

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Feel the warm tropical breeze blow through your hair as you sit and gaze at this vibrant Paradise palm tree. Standing 5 feet high, this lovely tree is tall enough to make a bold statement yet compact enough to fit inside a small office or cozy apartment space. A dozen sprawling fronds extend outward in every direction, each covered with a mix of lush feathery pinnate-styled leaves.

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