Choosing The Perfect Fall Wreath

If you're looking to showcase the seasonal beauty that is Autumn, start at your front door! With the help of an artificial fall wreath, not only will your home be seasonally attired, but you’ll get a head-start on all the seasonal fanfare; with fall in full swing, Halloween is just around the corner with Thanksgiving hot on its heels, so the time to flaunt your fiery-hued fauxliage is finally here. To ensure your front porch and entrance to your home is looking festive and decked out in fall’s finest, here are just a few handsome fall wreaths to ensure your home feels and looks inviting for the colorful season ahead.

Flowering Wreaths

Flowering Artificial Wreaths:

Showcase the season’s finest foliage with the help of autumn-inspired flora. While sunflower wreaths are often a seasonal go-to, a hydrangea wreath sprinkled with berries can be just as rich and beautiful.
Seasonal Fauxliage Wreath

Seasonal Fauxlige Artificial Wreaths:

If you prefer something a little bit more rustic, channel “the changing colors of leaves” with this fake Japanese maple and magnolia leaf wreath or the darker hues provided by this artificial maple leaf wreath.
Harvest-INspired Wreaths

Harvest Inspired Artificial Wreaths:

Evoke hints of the fall harvest with the help of these two fall wreaths: the simplicity of the sorghum wreath makes for a striking addition while the mixed harvest wreath provides for a bit more bounty.
Feathers & Gourds Wreaths

Feathers & Gourds Artificial Wreaths:

Mix a few of the season’s go-to accents and you get a cornucopia of colors and textures like these two fall wreaths composed from pumpkins, gourds, and feathers.

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