Christmas Decorating Ideas for Your Bedroom

Imagine cozying up under the covers as you read by the glow of a Christmas tree, then waking up in a winter wonderland. Enjoy these festive comforts every year when you decorate your bedroom for the holidays. 

Too many holiday decorators stop at the entryway or living room, neglecting the one room where you actually spend most of your time - the bedroom! Keep the spirit of Christmas going throughout the home with these bedroom Christmas decorating ideas from our interior decorators with years of experience. Here at Nearly Natural, we’re a family business, so we understand how to do the holidays right. From our family to yours, our wide selection of faux greenery is sure to liven your bedroom for the holidays. 

Start with the bed

Reimagine the centerpiece of your bedroom for Christmas with a seasonal comforter or quilt and holiday pillows. If you live in a cold climate this time of year, swap out your regular cotton sheets for flannel ones to get you through the chilly nights. 

Beds that have canopies or large headboards will give you more bedroom Christmas decorating ideas. String garland or bunches of holly along the top of the headboard for a traditional. Wrap the canopy in warm Christmas lights or wooden garlands for a rustic look.

It’s easy to turn your bed into a festive retreat with just a few swaps and additions. At Nearly Natural, our nature-inspired faux garlands are the perfect accent for transforming your bed into a cozy sanctuary, that’s sure to enlighten that holiday spirit every morning. From flocked to pinecone-accented to evergreen, a stunning garland awaits you, no matter the size of your space or budget. 

Make use of the wall space

Holidays are the perfect time to refresh your walls with new bedroom Christmas decorating ideas. Take down your regular bedroom wall art and replace it with pieces that celebrate the season and motifs that represent the holidays.

An eclectic mix of wreaths looks inviting above the headboard or in a reading nook. You can also aim for a Christmas night theme with artwork depicting starry skies or Santa’s evening voyage. This is also a great space for hanging family photos of Christmas memories, or a collage of Christmas cards. 

Take advantage of the bookshelf

Forget the elf and elevate your Christmas bookshelf decoration instead. 

Rotate out regular bookends for holiday-themed ones. Add miniature Christmas trees and glass bowls of ornaments to the shelves. Have a collection of favorite Christmas stories? Now is the time to display and read your holiday books. Then, fill any empty spots with sprigs of holly, pine cones, or Christmas tree branches.

Bookshelves are also a natural spot for framed photos of your best Christmas memories. And if you don’t have a mantle, why not hang your stocking on a bookshelf instead?


Get cozy with a lighted Christmas tree

If you’ve never slept by the glow of a lovingly decorated Christmas tree, now’s the time to try. Bedrooms are perfect for dresser-top or full standing artificial Christmas trees in particular, because they require no maintenance or clean up. 

Create a woodland retreat in your bedroom with a Christmas tree using touches from nature, such as dried orange slices or red holly garland. Or, simply place a small tree on your nightstand decked out in warm white bulbs and use it as your reading light. We have a wide selection of pre-lit mini Christmas trees in all colors and sizes that are sure to make any space glow. 

For a kids’ bedroom, turn the decorating reigns over to them. Your signature tree already looks impeccable in the living room - now the kids get to have some fun creating their own Christmas style. Bonus: the tree doubles as a night light. 

Easy bedroom Christmas decorating ideas

Try decorating your bedroom for the holidays this year, and create your own magical Christmas retreat. With Christmas sheets and blankets, a few additions to your bookshelf or walls, and a warm, glowing tree in the corner, you’ll be able to enjoy the season even while you sleep. 

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